Here she is again. I can’t stop posting pics of Beatrice. Last time it was ’cause I predicted her to go far. This time it’s because she’s already gone. Oops!

Beatrice Guapo. I featured her in my pre-season prediction as one of the designers to go far, but maybe I should go back and pretend I was predicting who would go home first on “Project Runway” Season 10.

I still love blonde black-lover Melissa Fleis, so at least I got one right. I also like tough girl Alicia Hardesty and her dreadlocks. I’m surprised she wasn’t in the top three.  Her two premiere looks were both distinctive in a good way — and well made. I was worried about her construction skills after the casting video, but I guess I should’ve been more worried about Beatrice.

I appreciate why the judges love Ven Budhu, but I’m not a fan yet. I really don’t understand the love for Christopher Palu — who won the first Times Square challenge thanks to his gown — and I’m already over the “Toddlers & Tiaras” “there’s only room for one star in the sky” rivalry between Christopher and Gunnar Deatherage. I had high hopes for Gunnar but his personality is turning me off. And I’m worried that Christopher is the new Joshua McKinley. These guys need to stop trying so hard.

Kooan. I mean…

Then again …

Kooan Kosuke is proof that trying too hard pays off. His designs were just silly, but PR history shows the goofy contestants never go home first. It’s always someone perceived as boring who hears the first “Auf Wiedersehen.” (Ratings?)

So even though the judges are openly worried that Kooan is just an attention junkie, the bottom two were Beatrice and Lantie Foster. They were the most normal and boring looking contestants and their clothes reflected that. Not what PR wants. They want characters.

I also feel like I should apologize to my beloved Professor Snape/former pro ballroom dancer, Dmitry Sholokhov. I didn’t think he’d do well but I really loved his clothes. Also into Fabio Costa. I predicted good things for Raul Osorio, but I’m not so sure anymore. I’ll give him a second chance, though.

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