I don’t love the dresses. I do love Sophie’s pink hair, though. I’d have pink hair if I thought I could pull it off.

“British Invasion” complete. Mission accomplished banner up.

After a disappointing — and still confusing — end to “America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars,” ANTM Cycle 18 managed to anoint the right person as “Top Model.”

I love pink-haired sprite Sophie Sumner. I like Laura LaFrate but I think the right person won. Still, I think they should’ve subbed in Allison Harvard at the end, just as an uber-dramatic “We finally figured out we screwed up — she should’ve won both of her cycles, so let’s just give her this one.” (In reality, Allison is doing just fine.)

I’m still sad to lose Nigel Barker and the Jays. Miss J. wasn’t even on last night’s episode as a runway coach. At least Mr. Jay Manuel had a pretty big role. Check out my finale recap here. I didn’t mean for the headline to make it sound like Sophie’s win caused Laura’s panic attack. The editor changed it slightly and now it has that unintentionally funny result. Oh well.

Are you going to watch Cycle 19, with its Friday night air time and weird voting?