Congratulations, Kris Allen! I mean, Scotty McCreery! I mean, well, you know what I mean.

Girls can’t win “American Idol” anymore.  It’s almost laughable now.

You don’t have to look like a crushworthy boy band singer and you don’t have to be from the South, but if you have both you are basically a lock to win “Idol.”

Phillip Phillips had both. Scotty McCreery had both. Kris Allen too. Lee DeWyze is from Illinois, but some people though he was cute. David Cook is from Missouri. Taylor Hicks is from Birmingham, Alabama. So is Ruben Studdard. The only girls who have won — Kelly Clarkson (Texas), Fantasia Barrino (North Carolina), Carrie Underwood (Oklahoma) and Jordin Sparks (Arizona) — are all from the lower half of the country. So girls from the north should only apply to “American Idol” for the exposure, not for any chance of winning.

A girl hasn’t won since Jordin on Season 6. I don’t think a girl is going to win anytime soon. Not only do boys win now, the same type of boy tends to win now.  The message to music producers seems to be sinking in, since we now have One Direction and The Wanted bringing back wholesome, blandly handsome boy bands. Makes sense. Sad, but makes sense.