I can’t wait to see Kim back on an All-Stars season, preferably a reunion of the winners.

Ownage. Like I’ve never seen.

Kim Spradlin’s buddy Chelsea Meissner put it pretty well — after Kim won her fourth immunity challenge on “Survivor: One World” — “You’re a beast.”

Thanks for stopping by, Christina. It’s a shame you didn’t feel the need to scramble or speak up for yourself or anything. It even sounds like you *liked* Alicia, who did nothing but insult you. You deserve better.

Yep. She’s a beast and she’s the best.

Kim just won that immunity, taking her to the final 3, so she hasn’t quite won yet. But she will win. She has to. “Survivor” should quit itself if she doesn’t.

*Update* She did it! Kim won. Sabrina got two votes, somehow, but the jury did its job. *End update*

It’s not like Kim *only* played against fools, like Boston Rob on “Redemption Island.” There were some actual players out there, but they were deluded by Kim’s baby blues and her ability to play both sides but still get people to trust her. And she never gloated to the people she beat, unlike Russell Hantz.

Kim stayed true to her original alliance with Chelsea and Sabrina Thompson, so she can be trusted for some things.

I just hope that doesn’t come back to bite her in the butt here at the end. Because people like Kat are in the jury and they are bitter, bitter, bitter. (*Update* Actually, Kat ditched her bitterness! Instead, she asked the jury to not be mad, because she’s going to have to have surgery again and it’s taught her … whatever. Point is: She’s not bitter anymore.)

I’m sorry, Sabrina, but this should’ve been a unanimous win for Kim. No two votes for Sab. But I’m shocked that Chelsea didn’t get any. Wasn’t Chelsea supposed to be Kim’s biggest threat? Guess not.

Parvati — who should’ve been the first person to win “Survivor” twice, first on “Fans vs. Favorites” and again on “Heroes vs. Villains” — became a “Survivor” icon through flirting, winning challenges and backstabbing. She was the original leader of an all-women alliance, but she didn’t dominate as much as Kim.

Sandra is the first person to win “Survivor” twice, illustrating Jeff Probst’s point about how sometimes the most unlikely people win this game.

And Stephenie is the ultimate female challenge dominator (at least on “Palau,” when she was the strongest member of her dying tribe) — not just when it comes to balancing things or challenges that tend to benefit smaller people.

Kim combined them all — she backstabbed, won every kind of challenge and played an amazing social game, getting people to trust her with their lives even as she had them wrapped around her fingers.

She’s like Amanda, if Amanda didn’t always choke in the end.

I disagree with Mike that Kim should’ve found someone else to blame for her blindsides. She should take pride in them. And she did. She’s not sorry. Kim showed you can lie, backstab and blindside and still come across as a good person. The final Tribal Council was sweet and emotional instead of harsh and bitter because of the tone Kim set. She’s that freakin’ good.

Oh and she won Player of the Season too. Jury picked her. America picked her. $1,100,000 — not bad for about 40 days of work.

I can’t wait to see Kim back on a Winners season. How would she do against Parvati, Boston Rob, Tom Westman and the other power players?

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