I love everything about Mondo’s “Godspell” look. Even the hair.

UPDATE: I just saw this “official” tweet from earlier today (June 13): “#ProjectRunway returns for Season 10 Thursday, July 19 at 9/8c on @LifetimeTV! RT to share the big news with friends!”

Yes! By the way, follow @ProjectRunway for more stuff like that.


As annoyed as I am by the idea that Mondo Guerra had already been decided as the winner of “Project Runway: All Stars” the second GretchenGate started — not to mention his moody attitude toward the end of the season — I did like his “All Stars” finale mini collection more than his Season 8 collection.  And I LOVED Mondo’s “Godspell” look for the Broadway challenge. That was my favorite look of the season, even more than (sorry!) anything Rami did. But Rami left much too soon. I wonder if that was part of the conspiracy.


I can’t wait to meet the next Mondos. “Project Runway” Season 10 is currently searching for this summer’s contestants. According to the fabulous Blogging Project Runway, there are open casting calls for Season 10 on April 9 in New York and on May 2 in L.A. As Heidi Klum noted last year, the show always shoots in June and July. Season 9 premiered on Thursday, July 28, so I’m thinking Season 10 will premiere around the same time. Right?

*Update* Did you notice that Tim Gunn is now on Twitter?! Check him out @timgunn. It makes me feel better to know that Father Tim’s thoughts on everything are now available on a daily basis. I miss his post-show vlogs!

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