Shh! Don't say anything, it'll be even more irritating than everything else you've said all season.

Are walkers available for bribes? I’m willing to see the following characters chomped to bits on “The Walking Dead”:

Carol — Ugh. She’d probably even be a useless walker.
Carl — Bless his little heart, but the kid is as pale and annoying as a Twilight vampire and twice as much of a pain in the ass.
Lori — I’ve actually been a Lori apologist for a while now but she can’t keep her eyes on Carl for more than two minutes and all she does is stir up the fight between Shane and Rick, then when Rick actually takes action, she treats him like he’s even more infected than the rest of them. Tired of the Lady Macbeth hypocrite.

I agree that no one should be following Rick at this point, but not just because he kept the CDC “we’re all infected” thing a secret or because he’s now a dictator instead of president of their zombie apocalypse democracy. (On the upside, no boring checks and balances. Suck it, Congress!) He just makes bad decisions. Crap instincts. I think Shane was a pretty darn good leader until Rick showed up and the Rick/Lori/Shane/Carl love story put everyone’s lives at risk.  It was Shane’s and Carl’s gunshots that drew the Atlanta walker pack (love that intro) and that was all because of that stupid love square.

A giant walker migration was the perfect excuse to "accidentally" shoot Carol. That's what you should've done, Andrea. Not SAVE her. What, did you think she'd be grateful? Tsk tsk.

It was almost cheating for the Season 2 finale to kill off peripheral characters like Jimmy and Patricia while leaving us with Carol and Carl — never mind poor T-Dog, who should just steal one of the cars and head for the coast like he wanted.

Daryl Dixon is my favorite character, but he’s a good enforcer, not really leadership material. Dale was the group’s moral compass, but also not good leadership material. Glenn might have been a good leader before he got tangled up with Maggie, but now he has to focus on calming her down every episode. (I thought Maggie would be more of a badass when the herd showed up. Isn’t she the one who had a killer intro, bashing a walker with a bat while riding a horse?)

For my money, Andrea is the ideal leader. She used to irritate me with her whole death wish, but I loved her transformation on Season 2 (including her sexy time with Shane — why the heck was he hung up on Lori when he could’ve partnered up with Andrea?). She’s calm, smart, resourceful and willing to keep an open mind, as illustrated after Dale’s “Don’t kill Randall” speech. She’s the only one who bothered to really listen instead of just waiting for the guy to shut up so they could go back to burying their heads in the sand.

I CAN’T BELIEVE they didn’t save her. Yes, she got saved by the hooded woman (fan favorite character Michonne) with two armless walker slaves (shades of “The Road” for me for some reason) but for zombie’s sake, Lori saved Carol’s useless life and then Daryl saved Carol and NO ONE decided to look for Andrea before hauling ass out of there. At this point, Andrea still doesn’t even know that Shane is dead.

Never mind Andrea, I'm going to pretend Daryl saved me instead of Carol.

I’ll miss the farm. Not as much as Herschel, who clearly loved the farm more than his family, but I for one enjoyed having a stable base of action. I’m worried for this group to be following Rick but excited for what’s next for Andrea on Season 3. Maybe she’s better off without those clowns anyway. But when Daryl rode up to the walker herd to save Carol, I was really, really, really hoping it’d be Andrea. Those two are the perfect pair. Yeah, OK, she shot him by accident. But she shot him with love.