Good for her. Although, she should probably be the one eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups right now, not me.

I wasn’t even planning to care about the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG is such a depressing acronym), but then I saw Jennifer Carpenter in this dress.

Love this dress. Love it. Love her hair, too. Love that the shoes are staying out of it. A fan.

He was there too, but they didn't pose together. He looks ... not hot. Is the facial hair necessary for a role?

So now I have to ask: What’s up with her and Michael C. Hall? I have a history of caring too much about this couple and I’ve tried to be good but I’m afraid I’ve been sucked back in.

I believe the “Dexter” couple’s divorce was finalized in December, but I read that they were out on a candlelit date and even kissed — and “the next morning” they were spotted having coffee. That was maybe two weeks ago.

I also saw this blind item via

“Which Golden Globe-winning TV star’s short-lived marriage ended because he couldn’t curb his sex add*ction? The twice-mar­ried hunk was attending 12-step meetings to cure his cravings, but when he relapsed, his actress wife told him to hit the road!”

Everyone thinks that’s MCH. So is he a sex addict? Is that his marriage issue? Both times? Are he and Jennifer trying again anyway? What is the deal? And how can I stop caring? Is there a 12-step program for me?