From this angle, I don't really mind the belt Mila used. This is one of the only designs I can actually picture Miranda Kerr wearing. I cannot see her in Michael's winning design.

Michael Costello is on a roll. He is officially The Golden Boy of “Project Runway: All Stars.” I didn’t get it last week. I get it even less this week. I do like Michael, but I’m at sea when it comes to the judges’ choices.

Miranda is going to wear this? What a waste of a gorgeous body. Not that all designs have to be form-fitting, but you could hide a country under all that fabric. And it's all the same blah color. Sorry, not seeing it.

This week, the top three designs were all “easy” flowing dresses that mostly hid their models’ bodies. (Anya would’ve cleaned house if she were competing this season.)

It came down to BFFs Michael vs. Mondo and, this time, Michael won. Mila was also in the top and, of the three, I preferred her design. Very cherry. Very Mila.

But two of my favorites were in the “safe” zone — loved Kenley’s and Jerell’s designs this week.

Somehow Kara managed to scrape by another week and April was sent home. I’m not a huge Team April fan, but it was touching to see her tears. Kara can talk her way out of anything, but I do think she should’ve left for making her model look pregnant.

On Episode 4, “Good Taste Tastes Good,” the 10 remaining designers were given six hours to create a fabulous look inspired by (why?) a gelato flavor.

It was the fastest challenge in “Project Runway” history and, for the most part, it showed. I think that’s why there were so many draped gowns — it would’ve taken too long to fit anything more ambitious.

A gelato guy wheeled into the runway and each designer had to go up and choose their flavor, not knowing exactly what the color would end up looking like.

Michael chose Grapefruit (which was lighter than he expected) and he got to pick which designer went next, so obviously he picked his BFF…
• Mondo chose Cantaloupe and, for the designer to go next, he picked Mila
• Mila chose Milk with Sour Cherries
• April chose Blueberry
• Jerell chose Fruits of the Forest
• Kenley chose Passion Fruit
• Austin chose Vanilla Madagascar
• Anthony chose Green Tea
• Rami chose Kiwi
• Kara got stuck with Chocolate with Cayenne Pepper

Here's Mondo's cantaloupe, which I like more than Michael's grapefruit but less than Mila's cherry thing.

I would’ve picked Blueberry, if it was available.

Diane von Furstenberg came out as the guest judge and to warn them that they only had six hours to work. When she came out, Michael Costello gave another great I Just Won Miss America gasp. He gives good reaction. He’s also known for working fast so he was expected to do well in this challenge.

They set up a “mini Mood” right there, with limited fabric options. It really was about the fastest seamstress, not the best designer, and even Austin had to swallow his horror and use a glue gun.


Jerell [on Kara’s design]: “When I tell you her model was a rail, and she had her looking like a pregnant cupcake — that’s not the business.”


Miranda Kerr was also a guest judge and she said she would wear the winning design to an industry event, whatever that’s going to mean. Do you remember her as one of the models in Daniel Vosovic’s final runway show on Season 2? I remember her. He said something about how she had a great smile.

MONDO — Drapey kimono that’s very recognizable as cantaloupe and also very colorfully Mondo. I’m not into these colors but I respect the design. Love the belt with it. HIGHER SCORES. The judges loved this. Georgina said the colors and fabric shouldn’t go together but somehow it works. Angela wasn’t into the bright orange color and Isaac wished they had seen more of the model’s body. He didn’t find it sexy.

April's losing look. Not her worst of the season. Probably shouldn't have sent her home.

I don't know what Fruit of the Forest is supposed to look like, but I do like this creative design from Jerell. It's very him. Unique. Can't see Miranda in it, though.

ANTHONY — Not too impressed this time. But I am impressed with Anthony’s note that when Diane likes something she looks at the designer and winks that them. She doesn’t wink at Anthony. Oh well. I wouldn’t wink at him for this either. LOWER SCORES. They thought he went too conceptual and it got messy. Diane loved the skirt and the concept. Miranda thought there should’ve been more simplicity in the back.

KENLEY — I do like this and it is very Kenley. Cute and flirty, just like she said. SAFE – I thought this would be in the top three.

RAMI — Not into it, but the draped top is very Rami. Hate these colors. SAFE

MILA —I needed to look at this one several times before deciding I like it but don’t like the belt. Hate the accessories but I do like the rest of it. Could the model not find a bra? HIGHER SCORES. Isaac thinks it says cherry ice cream so well. They love this. I like it, but it’s funny that they love the one Mila design I was only OK with. Diane thought it looked like it was rushed and only done in six hours. Well, duh! Miranda likes that it looked easy to wear. Agreed. Hate the belt with it, though. Just saying.

JERELL — This is good. Very hippie chic. SAFE – I’m shocked. I thought this would be in the top three.

KARA — Not working for me. Unflattering. LOWER SCORES – As Georgina noted, Kara is so passionate when she talks but her designs don’t always reflect that. The dress wasn’t so great. Diane said it wasn’t flattering. They brought up the idea that the model looked like she was pregnant and hiding a baby bump. Isaac questioned whether she was an “all star.”

Kara's pregnancy dress. I would've sent her home for this.

MICHAEL — Something about this reminds me of both Chloe’s Season 2 finale collection and Korto’s Season 5 seatbelt design. Oh and Michael’s own PR Season 8 finale collection. It’s all too one color for me. Too much shapeless fabric. Nice necklace, though. HIGHER SCORES. Everything he does is gold to the judges. Isaac loves the dress. Georgina wasn’t into the color, but that was the color of his ice cream. Diane loved it — it probably helped that he kissed her ass big time. They love the movement and flow, like a goddess. They love his draping. How does Rami feel hearing that?

Love this passion fruit look from Kenley. The first thing I've really loved from her this season. So of course it was "safe"!

APRIL — I don’t like the top at all and the back is bad with a super short skirt. Too bad, since she had the best color. LOWER SCORES. It didn’t look finished, is the general consensus. Isaac really didn’t like the belt. Why are they singling out this belt when most of them were off? Georgina questioned April’s confidence and vision.

AUSTIN — A bit of a yawn for me. Just not a wow. SAFE

The winning design came down to BFFs Mondo vs. Michael. Why not Mila?


Here are the 9 remaining all-stars, ranked in order of my personal preference:

• Rami Kashou (Season 4) — (I still believe in you, Rami, but I’m going to need you to focus up)
• Mila Hermanovski (Season 7)
• Anthony Williams (Season 7)
• Michael Costello (Season 8)
• Mondo Guerra (Season 8 )
• Jerell Scott (Season 5)
• Kenley Collins (Season 5)
• Austin Scarlett (Season 1)
• Kara Janx (Season 2)


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