Anthony's dress was sexy and unique and just "wowed" me.

Well, well, well. I’ll say this — the “Project Runway” All Stars have more power to surprise me than I expected.

On Episode 2, “A Night At the Opera,” both Mondo and Rami were declared “Safe” instead of battling it out on the runway. And my boy Rami got lucky to be declared safe. That was a classic magenta nightmare. Kenley also got lucky to be safe. Kara’s print was insane. Sweet P — I’m done defending Sweet P now.

I do love Austin's dress and the styling was perfect. I can't really argue with this win.

The challenge gave the designers one day to make a couture gown for the opera. But, as Anthony said, they were insulting “couture” by even comparing that to what they were doing. Instead, they were making “really, really pumped-up prom dresses.”

This was Austin’s challenge to lose and he did not lose. However, to me, he should’ve lost to Anthony. I’m shocked that I loved Anthony’s dress as much as I did but it was PERFECT. So sexy but sophisticated. That is the showstopper they were looking for.

I did like Austin’s “modest,” “tasteful” and “fresh” dress, though. But this was his comfort zone and he was expected to win. It’s almost boring to give it to the ballgown frontrunner.

The judges adored Michael’s black dress and put him in the #2 spot after Austin. Usually I am with them on Michael’s stuff, but this time it was just OK for me. For me, it came down to #1 Anthony, #2, Austin.

The bottom two were April and Sweet P and they made the right call to eliminate Sweet P. She deserved to go home for that cute picnic dress, which NO ONE would wear to the opera.


One thing I love about this season is how the designers are so open in their criticism about their fellow designers — not to their faces, of course.

Here’s a taste:

Mondo — Out of all the designers, Kara is the weakest. (I’m frustrated with Kara for already freaking out in classic Kara style. She has always been her own worst enemy.)

The judges loved Michael Costello's black dress, which was just OK for me.

Jerell — Sweet P was using the same silhouette as the unconventional challenge, for which she almost went home.

April — Everyone thought she made a mistake to dye her fabric.

Austin — Michael’s design was too celebrity, not enough socialite.


Kenley — Too pink and cutesy. Very young prom looking. SAFE, which is surprising.

Gordana — Love the colors and styling. SAFE

Rami — Not into it. Shocked that this is from him. HATE the color. SAFE, which is also surprising.

Mila — Basic asymmetrical black. Like it but not a wow. SAFE

Sweet P — Come on. I want to support you, but… LOWER SCORES. Angela liked the colors, but it was declared a day dress and not fit for opera. Nobody liked the bodice. Isaac said that is the focus of the dress when a woman goes out and if we say anything else we’re lying. Whatever you say, darling.

Mondo — Definitely different, unique and creative. Not sure it belongs at the opera but I appreciate the effort. SAFE

Jerell — I kind of like this, despite how unflattering it is to the body. SAFE

This is for the opera, Sweet P?

Kara — Curtains. She’s wearing your neighbor’s living room curtains. LOWER SCORES. She doesn’t usually do prints. Isaac loved the idea of the print but he said if you’re going to be so simple it has to be perfect. But she did add pockets, which is cool. Where is she in this dress, Georgina wondered.

Anthony— LOVE this. Sexy, sophisticated, white draped gown. HIGHER SCORES. The judges loved the new use of white. Georgina was on the fence about the black glove and shoes.

Austin — Second favorite, after Anthony’s. Surprised to have Anthony’s as my favorite, but it was the best, to me. Love the styling of this model, though. HIGHER SCORES. Isaac loved this dress because it’s modest even though he already said women are basically all about the bodice when they go out. Isaac found it “fresh” and “tasteful.”

April — Very red, but otherwise not that great and she seemed to be seriously distancing herself from it even as it just walked on the runway. LOWER SCORES. Agreed. Guest judges Mark Badgley and James Mischka hate red and black together. They also thought it looked tortured.

Michael — Love the top, otherwise it was good but not great. HIGHER SCORES. Isaac couldn’t believe Michael made this in a day. He took away all his modesty talk and said this is Kim Kardashian goes to the opera. The judges adore this. Angela wants to wear this dress.

Here's the high and low opera line-up.

Here are the 11 remaining all-stars, ranked in order of my personal preference after the second episode:

• Rami Kashou (Season 4)
• Mila Hermanovski (Season 7)
• Mondo Guerra (Season 8 )
• Michael Costello (Season 8)
• Austin Scarlett (Season 1)
• Anthony Williams (Season 7)
• Jerell Scott (Season 5)
• Gordana Gehlhausen (Season 6)
• Kenley Collins (Season 5)
• Kara Janx (Season 2)
• April Johnston (Season 8)


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