For some reason, this just makes me think of the Paramount Pictures logo.

Ben Flajnik. I didn’t pick him. He’s not my fifth first choice. But whatever.

I always, always, always get annoyed with The Bachelor or Bachelorette at least one (thousand) time during the season and focus 90 percent of my attention on the contestants. Ben was a boring contestant on “The Bachelorette” Season 7, but that kind of makes him the perfect Bachelor. ABC loves to cast bland guys who are easily steamrolled by the crazy ladies. Expect a lot of that on “The Bachelor” Season 16, which starts this Monday, Jan. 2. It should be wonderfully tragic — ’cause it always is!

As the sun now stands, I’ll be writing about the show for Wetpaint’s Bachelor site, where we should have an insane amount of news, recaps, gossip, photos, videos and other stuff.

*Spoiler alert*

The future ex Mrs. Flajnik?

If you’ve read the finale spoilers out there, you must know Ben is supposedly engaged to The Girl Everyone Else Hates.

I don’t want to believe it. But if it’s true, I want to believe she’s much more than what the previews are showing. But if that’s true, why wouldn’t ABC want to show the best of Courtney Robertson instead of … the Vienna?

Reality Steve sounds very confident about these spoilers, but he always is. It’s possible the spoilers will change. Or it’s possible Courtney starts out getting on the other ladies’ nerves and then they come to like her. I don’t know. Maybe she’s really more Michelle Money than Vienna Girardi. I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know: I’ll be watching the dramafest no matter what happens. I’ll love something every week. I’ll hate something every week. I’ll complain about something every week. I’ll have a favorite. I’ll have a least favorite. I’ll obsess about the one I hate more than the one I love. I’ll want to shake Ben. I’ll wish someone else had been cast. I’ll forgive it all if there’s a happy ending.

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