Kayla! Why did you lose your sparkle? Did the makeover strip it out of you?

I blame the bad makeover. I liked Kayla Ferrel’s blonde hair on “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15 and LOVED her bright red makeover. But I think the drab dark reddish color they gave her on “America’s Next Top Model: All Stars” did not do her any favors. It pushed her back two steps and she never recovered.

The ludicrous “branding word” labels also hurt. “Free”? Anything she did should’ve fit into “free” but no matter what she did it didn’t seem to live up to the judges’ bizarre expectations.

I thought Bianca Golden, who was also sent home on Episode 7, was a bit too arrogant to just brush off the bathtub pose element of their perfume challenge, but she was right to question it. Every cycle ANTM does ridiculous things and I’m always amazed anyone goes through with it. (Alexandria Everett was also right to be confused about being insulted as a reality TV star last week, then told to impersonate Snooki this week. Par for the course.) But Bianca had to know the drill going in. She’s there to have a good showing on TV, win more fans, promote herself, build her “brand” and continue on a path to be the next Beyoncé or whatnot.

Allison has been shining as Kayla faded away.

Instead of being rewarded for standing up for herself, she was sent home. Along with my girl Kayla. I really think that was a mistake. Shannon Stewart is the one who should’ve gone home — probably a while ago. She’s sweet but forgettably commercial to me, and boring. Even Tyra Banks mentioned the “b” word with her. Why wasn’t that enough to send her home? Bianca certainly isn’t boring. Kayla isn’t boring, although they went out of their way to make her boring with that makeover.

Is Allison Harvard going to win? I’m getting the impression that that’s what the judges want. Maybe Angelea Preston or Dominique Reighard vs. Allison in the end.

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