They need to do this every week. And Laura needs to be there every single week. She's gold.

Laura Bennett. Laura freakin’ Bennett.

She is my hero. She’s right. She’s right about everything and she was right when she asked Joshua McKinley about his behavior on “Project Runway” Season 9. (Where was this “After the Runway” special last season so she could talk to Gretchen Jones?)

I wasn't wowed by Anya's look, at left, and I had no problem with Laura Kathleen's look, at right. But whatever.

Josh was oversensitive. Laura’s questions were valid and if he hadn’t wasted so much time feeling bullied and put-upon, Laura might’ve had time to question Anya Ayoung-Chee as well. Instead, Anya was let off the hook. Again.

Josh has become the villain of the season and just like the “Project Joshua” pattern Laura mentioned, he lashes out, gets emotional, then apologizes. I doubt he’ll apologize for lashing out at Laura, but it frustrated me because I was on his side when it came to his issues with Anya. I wanted to stay on his side, but his latest outburst overshadowed the valid quesitons being directed to Anya about her sewing and her, in my opinion, selfishness.

Anya seems very popular with the other designers on a personal level, but this isn’t “Project Miss Congeniality.” It’s “Project Runway” and construction has ALWAYS been important. Until now, anyway. Viktor Luna was absolutely right — from day one the judges have favored Anya because of her interesting story of only learning to sew four months ago. (I recommend all future PR designers come up with similar stories — maybe try three months next time — because it works.)

I can understand if he felt ambushed, but he just dealt with it the wrong way. Bringing up Laura's age, as if that had anything to do with it?

Even Kimberly Goldson got lots of praise this week on Season 9, Episode 11, “This is For the Birds,” for coming up with a new dress in three hours, even though they saw all the flaws. The stories aren’t supposed to matter. The finished product is all that is supposed to matter. Everyone has a story, whether it’s Josh having major student loans (get in line), Anya not having experience, Bert Keeter being the older guy, whatever. (I’ll miss you, Bert! Love the transformation from angry old man to mature hipster.)

I enjoyed this look from Josh M. but I can't help but wonder what Anthony would've done on a bird challenge. Remember his birdseed dress? I miss you Anthony Ryan!

I was cheering for Viktor, Kimberly and Josh in the “After the Runway” special because they were right about Anya — she got help every step of the way. She got tangible sewing help, she got money from her friend Anthony Ryan Auld after she lost her own (who stole that, by the way?) and she told Anthony last week — the week he was eliminated — that she would wear the clothes the judges despised.

And yet the very next challenge she shut down, not only telling the cameras she didn’t want to give Josh fabric, she didn’t even think it was appropriate for him to ask for help. Say what? Since when? Didn’t she stand by the register while Anthony was paying last week, so he could give her money?

What is her response to that? All she said was that if she were the other designers, she’d be pissed too. Pissed about what, though? The judges’ favoritism when it comes to her lack of construction skills? Her decision to take help, but not give it? Or give it to Kimberly, then regret it? Would she have given Anthony $11 if the situation had been reversed?

And I didn’t love her black edgy raven dress. That was the “clear winner”? It seemed very literal. And I feel like Andy and April did better versions of this dark edgy look last season, never mind anywhere else. And why does it matter so much when designers “step out of their comfort zone” when some seasons the judges interpret that as “where are you in this design?”

The judges just love Anya. I think she’s a strong designer and I actually really loved her finale collection and think she could win in the end, but I also loved Laura Kathleen’s raven look. To me, that was no more literal than Anya’s black dress with wings.


Why wasn’t Laura Kathleen at the “After the Runway” special? No one addressed the omission on air. Well, according to Laura Kathleen’s Twitter, this Laura may not have fit with the drama theme.

LKathleenDesign: “I wasn’t enough drama for the episode!!!” Based on the fan items she’s retweeting, it sounds like she really did want to be there. Sad.
At this point it looks like the judges really, really want Anya, Viktor and Joshua in the finale. I don’t know if Laura Kathleen or Kimberly can get there. Maybe one of them could push Josh out, but Anya is definitely in and Viktor has earned his way there by now. He is the only one who really deserves to be there. He’s the real slow and steady tortoise who could win this race.

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