Here are Dawn, Albert and Whitney, one list's final 3. True? False? Way too early to say.

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Bless them for trying, but they’re already on shaky ground. The whole Redemption Island twist makes “Survivor” spoilers harder than ever, but arc168 jumped head-first into the fray on the Spoilers Sucks board and released this “Survivor: South Pacific” boot list on Aug. 26:

Out before MERGE:

JOHN COCHRAN re-enters the game at merge
MARK CARUSO med-evac right after merge (at camp im told)

Out AFTER merge (Upolu “pagonging”):

ALBERT DESTRADE re-enters the game at F5


Albert/Dawn/Whitney FINAL THREE.

Semhar just left (to go to Redemption Island) on the premiere and Rick is doing fine. So ... already wrong?


The same poster added these teasers:

-A male tries to oust Ozzy early but it backfires bigtime
-A male dominates redemption island similarly to Matt last season
-One of the girls uses the flirt card 10x more than Parvati ever did
-There is one medevac near the merge

-For Coach’s fans out there, you will probably be satisfied with his placement
-One of the older women plays a very aggressive, strategic game while maintaining a “motherly” image kind of like Tina. I think she will be a new Sucks favorite. [Guess: Dawn?]
-A male is idoled out of the game shortly following the merge. maybe one of the better blindsides in recent seasons? Very possibly.


But Semhar was just voted out on the Sept. 14 premiere, not Rick. It sounded like the poster was definitive about it being Rick as the first boot, not the first Redemption boot. Still, there’s a good chance we can read this as Rick being the first *official* boot if he is voted out next week and Semhar beats him at the duel.

If that final 3 is accurate, would Albert get a win for actually using the Redemption Island twist for redemption?

Get to know the full cast here. I’m rooting for John — excuse me — “Cochran.” He’s a charmer!


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