Hmm... I wasn't even sure this would be in the top 3, never mind win.

It’s too bad I wasn’t around to write about last week’s Episode 6 of “Project Runway” Season 9. For once, I loved the challenge.

“The Art of the Matter” sent the designers to work with art students to collaborate on a painting, then create an avant-garde outfit inspired by the art. Love that idea. Love some of the results, but overall I was disappointed that the designers didn’t really go for it, since some of those paintings were gorgeous. I was inspired looking at them, so why weren’t they inspired to design?

It's time to stop pretending Olivier is still on the show for his design prowess. Too many boring/odd looks in a row to justify.

Yes, Olivier. I mean you.

He should’ve gone home for that look. I’m not sure why they chose Joshua C. to return the week before — Julie, you got stiffed! — but he didn’t deserve to get auf’d again. Not for that wolf look. Olivier’s garment was 1,000 times worse. Even Heidi Klum started snoring and she worships Olivier. I like the kid, too. I think he’s a human fascinator in that he’s just so captivating to look at and listen to — the grandpa sweaters! the monotone! that accent! — but his designs are not up to par.

Weirdly enough, my #1 favorite designer, Anthony Ryan, won this week for a look I didn’t like. I was with the “safe” designers in the back room, not sure whether he would be in the top or the bottom. I was worried about him, since he was just saved last week after that horrible group challenge. Heidi didn’t want him to stick around, but this week she thought his avant-garde look was the best.

I still think Anthony should’ve won the first three challenges, but now I’m wondering if he’ll be tarred as “overrated” or the teacher’s pet or something. I was embarrassed for him when I saw some of his art brush strokes falling off the dress. And that hem. Michael Kors has called people out on hems like that before, saying if they mean for it to be frayed they have to REALLY go for it so it’s exaggerated and obvious. I think my boy got a free pass this week. Kenneth Cole was right to challenge Anthony.

It pains me to say it, but I think Josh M. had the best look. He wasn’t so annoying this week and even though the judges loved his skirt — with his nod to his mom — I loved the top. And why did the judges call out the hair and styling as too much? That kind of styling has always been part of avant-garde looks. I thought it was great. Also loved Laura Kathleen’s model. Her dress was kind of a lemon pie, but her model really sold the look for me. I was proud of Bert for his unusual silhouette. But I think he was lucky that Nina Garcia wasn’t around to roll her eyes at it.

Josh M. has an attitude problem, but I do love this look.

I loved having an avant-garde challenge, but maybe they should’ve shown more examples of what it means to be avant-garde, since everyone kept saying the term over and over again, but no one seemed to really agree on what it meant. My brain told me Josh M. and Anya had looks that fit the bill, but my boy Anthony didn’t. But what do I know.

Here’s my finale prediction: I see Anya, Anthony Ryan and … probably Josh M. in the final three. We should find out soon if I’m right or way off.

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