Ready for a J Crew ad.

It’s been a long time since I added anything to my Things That Are Obvious file, but now seems like the time.

The “Love in the Wild” Season 1 finale is airing tonight from 10 to 11 p.m. on NBC. Mike Spiro and Samantha Woods should win. Not that I even understand at this point what winning would mean. I’m sure they’ve mentioned — oh yeah, there’s a trip around the world or something. It’s like an afterthought, though, because to me winning a show called “Love in the Wild” means you’ve found love in the wild. And more than any other couple, Mike and Sam have found love in the wild.

Heather and Miles look like they're listening to a sermon.

No disrespect to the other finalists, Miles Haefner and Heather Pond, but S&M (ha!) have been together since the beginning of the show. They are Team GQ. If this show had a little more publicity — even a tenth of “The Bachelor’s” — they could be getting major preppy/outdoorsy endorsements.

Samantha, a wedding planner (how apropos), is already talking about introducing Mike to her family. Miles and Heather, on the other hand, seem very close and maybe they will continue their relationship in the real world, but I don’t see it lasting as long as S&M. Not that I know what “lasting” would mean. Six months? A year?

Anyway, I really like this show and I hope there’s a Season 2. But I’d also like there to be some kind of a “Love in the Wild” reunion special after, to give us updates on the couples. I want to know what happened to everyone.

**UPDATE** They did it! Mike & Samantha won. Congrats! Now go learn how to pitch a tent, S&M! (Hee hee)