Not a-freakin-gain! To me it's obvious Anthony Ryan's birdseeds, at left, are way better than Olivier's hamster stuff. Sorry for the crappy pics of my own TV, but that's the way it is until Lifetime posts the *real* shots on Friday.

It’s Mondo vs. Gretchen Part II. As Michael Kors put it, “Here it goes again!”

And, once again, I was with Heidi Klum over Nina Garcia and MK. Anthony Ryan Auld’s birdseed dress completely owned Olivier Green’s hamster chip outfit on “Project Runway” Season 9, Episode 2 “My Pet Project.”

But, once AGAIN, Heidi lost. Why do Nina + MK always win?  GretchenGate!

Bye Josh C.! At least Heidi didn't want to pee on your outfit.

As a completely irrelevant aside, can I just say how much I HATE MY CABLE AND INTERNET? You don’t care, but I do and I just needed to say that because — naturally — both cable and Internet went out at 8:55 p.m. and my Time Warner cable recording told me so pleasantly that it would be out for 90 minutes. Of course! Because “Project Runway” was about to start and run for 90 minutes.

Thankfully, the cable came back around 10:15 or whenever the stuff started coming down the runway. So I missed all the drama! But I feel like a real PR judge. I don’t know what went into making the sausage, I just saw the sausage.

Speaking of little sausages, the challenge on “My Pet Project” was to create a dress using only materials purchased from Petland Discounts.

What I like about this is how consistent my favorites and least favorites are being already. Thank you for that! Joshua Christensen, whom I believe should’ve left last week, was chided for his “umbrella for pets” outfit that didn’t use innovative materials. Since he was on the bottom last week, too, he was out this week.

I’m confused about Fallene Wells. It’s like she was pulling a Cyrano de Bergerac — don’t insult me like this, insult me like THIS, agreeing with the judges on all their criticism and even adding new insults for her own design. She wasn’t inspired by her materials, she said behind-the-scenes. “Excuses are for the birds,” my man Anthony Ryan Auld says. (And birds are for HIM!)

Even though I thought I would like Bryce Black’s designs, he made the kind of “ugly napkin clothes” that are always on PR. “I don’t know how many times we have had this tissue dress,” Heidi Klum said. She even wanted to, um, pee all over it?

Here's the one Heidi wanted to pee on!

Bert Keeter didn’t seem to care what he did since he had immunity, which is disappointing. I liked Becky Ross’ look last week — if I can remember that far back — and this week I liked it too but for some reason she can’t make her way into the top three. I still like Danielle Everine and I hope someday she can get out of the “safe” zone, too. I was not a huge fan of Olivier Green’s look, I have to say, even though I still find him fascinating.

However, my favorite from last week outdid himself: Anthony Ryan Auld and his extreme Southern accent pulled out a huge win with that birdseed dress. I had no idea what to expect since, like I said, I hadn’t seen anything beforehand and by the time the stuff came down the runway I wasn’t even sure of the parameters. Just seeing his (admittedly short) dress turn the corner — it had a nice “wow” factor for me. Then to see that it was from birdseed?

That’s my boy! So when is he going to win a challenge?


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