Am I alone here, or is this kid fascinating?

I’m kind of obsessed with Olivier Green. His face. His accent. His slightly orange version of Leo’s “Titanic” hair. The glasses.

Like, who is this guy? “Project Runway” can’t even explain where he’s from, he’s just “international.” I don’t care what he designs — and I’m not impressed with that he did on the Season 9 premiere — I just want to see more of him. I’m fascinated.

Hell yeah, Bert! I'm not as into Anya's top, but I do love those pants.

Anyway. PR Season 9 premiered on July 28 and I’m already in love with everything about Anthony Ryan Auld, from his designs to his look to his color blind/testicular cancer backstory. I’m gonna get down on one knee and propose in a minute.

But first I have to gush over Bert Keeter. I’d love him no matter what, but he is completely on-point with his initial design. LOVED that dress He deserved to win, although I would’ve been happy for Anthony Ryan, too. He’ll win one soon, I have no doubt.

Rafael Cox had a rough time of it from Father Tim Gunn and then on the runway. It was all earned. Still, he should’ve been safe. Joshua Christensen deserved to go home for an awful outfit and the audacity to say he wished someone had told him it didn’t look good. Really?

The premiere started with 20 designers and they cut four right away:

Dammit, I liked her!

• Gunnar, who is NOT the next Christian Siriano after all.
David, my poor Boston boy.
Amanda, who tried out for the past two seasons only to get dumped here.
• Serena, who loves Tim Gunn and postponed her wedding to do this. I liked her and want her to be my friend in real life.

For the first “Come as You Are” challenge, Father Tim Gunn woke the 16 remaining folks up at the crack o’ dawn and made them walk the city in their pajamas — with only one sheet from their beds to cover them — to get to Parsons. That was their challenge: Use what they are wearing and the sheet.


Kimberly on Bert’s use of boxer shorts in his design: “Your model’s gonna have nut juice.”

Laura to Olivier and his model: “Are you speaking foreign?”

Anthony Ryan is my frontrunner. I do love men with two names. (Hi Seth Aaron!) Bye Rafael. I think you deserved one more shot.


Christina Ricci is the guest judge. Where the heck does she go when she disappears for so long? Anyway, she’s actually a good guest judge. Several insightful comments and constructive criticism.

Joshua M. — shorts, boring me. SAFE

Laura — she had silks to work with and I like what she did. SAFE

Danielle — It’s very her, I like it. SAFE. Oh but she’s pissed to be safe. Do we have a mini Gretchen? I do think she’s going to go far, though. I’m keeping my eye on this one.

Viktor — Nice! SAFE

Becky — Very cute. SAFE

Bryce — I like the styling more than the actual design. SAFE

Anya — Not into the top, the pants fit well. HIGHER SCORES. She wanted to prove she could construct something since she’s never sown silk before. Nina is impressed by what she’s able to do in a short period of time. She loves the back. Everyone is obsessed with her sewing. Heidi was rooting for her. Christina loves the whole look. The pants do fit very well in the butt.

Julie — Love the top, hate the pants. LOWER SCORES. Heidi had higher expectations, based on her initial clothing rack. “The whole thing is just bad.” Christina is confused. The shirt is charming but she wouldn’t want to wear it. Nina has a problem with the poor construction of the pants. They look “weird” she says. Michael calls it an “I like myself” kind of pocket.

Olivier — No way. SAFE

Kimberly — Another napkin look. SAFE

Anthony — I worship this guy already. HIGHER SCORES. Heidi likes how he changed his pajamas. Michael loves his color combo and would never know he’s color blind. Nina likes how he used the trimmings but didn’t go overboard. Christina doesn’t mind how short the skirt is.

Here are the top 16! I'm ready to be done with at least 5 of them already.

Rafael — No, sorry. LOWER SCORES. Heidi sees a lot of problems. “What grown-up wants to walk around with a bib?” Michael: “She’s wearing like a Flintstones disco pouch.” Nina said he had fit problems and it looks really dated. Christina said the pants are off-putting. She compliments the top, though. OUT!

Fallene — I have no problem with the puking clown, but I’m not into the look. SAFE

Bert — I love his use of the boxers in the skirt. HIGHER SCORES. Heidi says “I am in love with this outfit.” Go Bert! Nina thinks he has adorable boxers and it’s an adorable dress. It’s feminine and sexy and terrific. Christina loves the proportions. Michael likes the tones and asymmetry but he hates the styling. WINNER!

Josh C. — Not into it. LOWER SCORES. Heidi isn’t sure if he is worse or Rafael’s. Josh is upset because no one told him this didn’t look good? Seriously? That should dig his grave.

Cecilia — What’s with these teeny skirts that ride up? SAFE

Josh, you got lucky. I like how you say "nice job" to everyone when they leave the runway, but I hope you step up your own work.


Overall, I’m hopeful for this season. No one went down in flames — which is kind of a shame, because the over-the-top trainwrecks are fun to watch — but there are enough decent talents that the season shouldn’t be dull or a cakewalk for any one or two designers. Can’t wait to see more!

Don’t forget to Rate the Runway looks here on the official PR Lifetime site. They have much better pics than the shots I took of my own TV.


Here are the 20 original designers with my little notes from the “Road to the Runway” special:

Cecilia Motwani from Argentina (outspoken and confident)
Julie Tierney (Seth Aaron Henderson was “super duper” impressed with the sarcastic tough girl)
Laura Kathleen (blonde princess)
Viktor Luna from Mexico (made cool stud jacket)
Anya Ayoung-Chee (beauty queen from Trinidad who own learned to sew 3-4 months ago)
Bryce Black (my Idaho boyfriend)
Rafael Cox (was homeless for a couple of years)
Anthony Ryan Auld (cute color-blind Louisiana boy who had testicular cancer)
Becky Ross (white haired girl who grew up in a cult)
Bert Keeter (the love of his life died from AIDS, he turned to alcohol and he’s now sober and returning to fashion)
Kimberly Goldson (self-taught designer whose mom was also a designer before dying of breast cancer)
Gunnar Deatherage (he’s another self-taught designer, but he reminds me of Christian Siriano)
Danielle Everine (looks like the heroine in a Victorian novel, reminded Seth Aaron of Amelia Earhart)
David Chum (Boston boy! Everyone this season is self-taught)
Joshua McKinley (brought a menswear collection, but won everyone over; love that license plate jacket)
Joshua Christensen (bald menswear man of faith who wants to find a wife; he blew Seth Aaron away, )
Olivier Green (described as “international” and he has an interesting accent that’s just unplaceable)
Fallene Wells (she was a semifinalist last year but was told she needed more sophistication in her clothes)
Serena da Conceicao (works for Beyonce’s line, is obsessed with Tim Gunn — as we should ALL be! She wanted to start a Tim Gunn band with the first album called Made It Work? Is that what she said? Love it! Canceled wedding in Iceland to do PR)
Amanda Perna (has a high pitched voice and tried out for the past two seasons)


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