Now it feels real!

I haven’t seen photos on Lifetime’s official “Project Runway” Season 9 site yet, but Us Weekly just got an exclusive look at the Season 9 cast.

So far I’m into the crazies like Bryce Black and Viktor Luna (a name that sounds like it was stolen from “Harry Potter”) — and “Uncle Tightass,” of course!

Here's Us Weekly's little cast photo. Can't wait to see bigger, individual pics!

Here’s the Us intel on the 20 new designers, as copied wholesale from

BERT KEETER, 57, based in Los Angeles
More About Bert: A graduate of NYC’s Parsons design school, the single Keeter warns Us, “I enjoy my space and can be difficult when I don’t get it.” (His nephews call him Uncle Tightass!)

DANIELLE EVERINE, 26, based in Minneapolis
More About Danielle: Always dress to impress! An intimates designer for Target, the engaged Everine says that the fashion faux pas that drives her crazy is sweatpants worn out of the house.

RAFAEL COX, 27, based in Atlanta
More About Rafael: Cox’s celebrity style icons? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen!

DAVID CHUM, 29, based in Boston
More About David: How would Chum — who runs his own fashion line, Selahdor — relax outside of the workroom? “If I wasn’t designing, I’d be at the beach, tanning, swimming and sipping a cocktail,” Chum says.

SERENA DA CONCEICAO, 31, based in New York City
More About Serena: da Conceicao knows just which celeb she’d want to wear her designs. Dying to outfit Marion Cotillard for the Cannes Film Festival, da Conceicao would put the actress in a draped gown for the red carpet.

AMANDA PERNA, 24, based in New York City
More About Amanda: Citing her style icon as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, the University of Alabama grad’s biggest Runway fear is having to make a tailored shirt. “I kind of hate them,” she says.

GUNNAR DEATHERAGE, 21, based in Louisville, Ky.
More About Gunnar: A hair stylist for AVEDA, self-taught designer Deatherage would “kill” to design for Nicole Kidman.

JOSHUA CHRISTENSEN, 29, based in Los Angeles
More About Joshua: Why should Christensen win Runway? “I’m focused and driven,” he tells Us. “Runway is not about being on TV; It’s about being a designer. Plus, I have years of pent up creativity waiting to be unleashed.”

FALLENE WELLS, 29, based in Denver
More About Fallene: Will Wells make for a drama-free season? “I can get along with almost anyone,” she says. “I let things roll off my shoulders.”

VIKTOR LUNA, 30, based in New York City
More About Viktor: The youngest of seven siblings, Luna would love to design for quirky singer Bjork. “I would make a futuristic voluminous gown and style her very alien-like,” Luna tells Us.

OLIVER GREEN, 22, based in New York City
More About Oliver: Green’s most prized design was a men’s suit jacket he designed in 2010 that has been featured on Italian Vogue‘s Web site.

BECKY ROSS, 38, based in Portland, Ore.
More About Becky: The first garment Ross ever made? Barbie clothes! “I started sewing when I was 8 on a flimsy Fisher-Prince plastic sewing machine…I was more into making Barbie look great than “playing” with her!” says Ross.

CECILIA MOTWANI, 34, based in New York City
More About Cecilia: The self-taught designer would love to create a garment for Ellen DeGeneres. “I would design her a jacket with a tail and a big convertible lapel, [along with] silk jeans,” Motwani says.

KIMBERLY GOLDSON, 36, from White Plains, Md.
More About Kimberly: “The first garment I ever made that was actually wearable was a dress for my sister’s wedding rehearsal in 2007,” Goldson says. Years later, the designer has already crafted a garment in her head for singer Jennifer Hudson. “I’m thinking of a long-sleeved backless mini with gold and bronze gems [all over it],” she hints.

ANYA AYOUNG-CHEE, 29, based in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
More About Anya: One early design was a slouchy gray jumpsuit — that she wore when she competed in the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant!

BRYCE BLACK, 26, based in Portland, Ore.
More About Bryce: Lady Gaga is not just his style icon. He tells Us he listens to her, “internet-stalks” her and wants to create something for her “so overdesigned, it would be offensive.”

JOSHUA MCKINLEY, 25, based in New York City
More About Joshua: The single McKinley is a spare-time runner, moviegoer and thrifter — but not a hard-core tube viewer. “I honestly don’t own a TV set,” he tells Us.

JULIE TIERNEY, 35, based in Grand Junction, Colo.
More About Julie: Before studying fashion design at age 32, the avid skier and snowboarder was a pastry chef at a restaurant owned by Heidi Montag‘s parents!

LAURA KATHLEEN, 26, based in St. Louis
More About Laura: “I put my career before everything,” says the fashion design teacher. The single Kathleen, who has been auditioning since season 5, adds that the “love of my life” is her toy poodle, Oliver.

ANTHONY RYAN AULD, 28, based in Baton Rouge, La.
More About Anthony: Auld is color-blind in red-green and blue-yellow. “The way I see solids is a little different,” he says. “It’s my biggest weakness.”


Don’t forget: The new season starts Thursday, July 28.

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