I hate her hair, but I love Daniel V.'s inspiration design on Season 2.

I’m watching the “Project Runway” Season 2 reunion special right now. Santino Rice is giving the classic “I didn’t come here to make friends!” speech. Ah, memories.

I’ve seen every season at least once — usually more than that — and I still can’t believe Daniel Vosovic didn’t win Season 2, even though his finale collection wasn’t exactly gangbusters. Shouldn’t the season as a whole count for something? I mean … Chloe Dao? I never would’ve expected that. I think Season 2 was the funniest season (“Where’s Andrae?”), but Chloe is one of my least favorite winners.

Speaking of least-favorite winners, it’s time for someone to dethrone Gretchen Jones as the reigning PR champion. Season 9 is starting on Thursday, July 28 — WHICH IS A HUGE CHANGE FROM THIS PRESS RELEASE.

I’m psyched. So psyched. But now I’m thinking about other best/worst winners.

I love this dress from Jeffrey's Season 3 collection.

Season 1 — Jay McCarroll is kind of whiny and if you’ve seen his documentary “Eleven Minutes” he comes off as borderline insufferable, but I do think he deserved to win. He had a great final collection.

Season 2 — I hate to go against one of my fellow ladies, but Chloe Dao was not the right choice, in my opinion. Daniel V. all the way!

Season 3 — I thought Jeffrey Sebelia  was an ass for most of the season — especially in that “everyday woman” design for moms challenge — but I LOVED his finale collection. I loved Laura Bennett and Uli Herzner’s collections too and, overall, I think Uli should’ve won because she was strong from start to finish.

Season 4 —I loved the talent this season. I can understand how and why Christian Siriano won — he’s still the biggest name from the series — but I loved Jillian Lewis’ work. The Twizzlers dress! And I loved Rami, too, even though he made the same Greek goddess gowns over and over again. If it ain’t broke… Still, I think Jillian should’ve gotten second place, at the very least.

This is from seat belts! Amazing.

Season 5—No. I’m not at all happy that Leanne Marshall won. She’s another of my least favorite winners. Did anyone else see her stuff for 90 percent of the season? This is proof that one “successful” finale collection can save everything. Kind of like Jeffrey’s win on Season 3 but at least his collection was exciting.

I think Leanne’s finale stuff was pretty, but safe.

This is a great Western outfit. Epperson had the best model, too.

I would’ve been happier with either Kenley Collins or Korto Momolu as winners. Kenley was a beyotch, but she has great talent and her stuff was memorable. I LOVED Korto’s seat belt coat. That’s one of my favorite designs of the series.

Season 6 — Was a waste of time. But Irina Shabayeva deserved to win, from the finalists. I’m still upset that Epperson left before the finale. I LOVED his Western outfit.

Season 7 — Granted, I’m still madly in love with Seth Aaron Henderson, but even if I weren’t I still think he deserved to win. But I loved Emilio Sosa too. And I still don’t really understand why Maya Luz left. Was she just pissed that the judges had no taste?

Season 8 — I was off-and-on when it comes to Mondo Guerra’s fashions, but it was clear he was the most original and exciting one out there. He should’ve won. Gretchen, to me, is like Leanne and Chloe. Blah.

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