Bless him, he'll be "Drunk Tim" forever after this.

I think this season of “The Bachelorette” is going to be fun. More fun than Brad Womack’s season of “The Bachelor,” anyway. Not that it would be hard to top that 10-week funeral.

I was all in favor of bringing Brad back for a 2.0 session, so I clearly have bad judgment. I wanted pretty much anyone except Ashley Hebert as the Bachelorette, so that probably means this will be a great season.

Check out her pre-season media conference call, which was very guarded but still interesting. And catch up on all the spoilers, speculation, gossip, videos, photos, etc. on Wetpaint’s Bachelorette site. I’ll be recapping each episode there on Monday nights.

Here's Sasha on "The Bachelor" Ukraine.

Remember, the premiere is from 9 to 11 p.m. tomorrow, because of “Dancing With the Stars.”

I think Hines Ward & Kym Johnson will win DWTS Season 12, but I’d be happy for Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy, mostly because winning a Mirror Ball trophy might calm Maks down. I really, really don’t want Mark Ballas to win a third time with another young and/or athletic woman.

Speaking of Maks, though, are you watching his “journey” as the Ukrainian Bachelor? I think they have him down to the final three or four at this point.

I have no idea what anyone is saying, but occasionally people provide commentary below the videos.

I read somewhere that Maks chooses Sasha (who kind of looks like a brunette Vienna Girardi, to me) but they aren’t together anymore. Who knows if that’s true. I couldn’t even pinpoint the place where I read it, but it was somewhere in the YouTube comments.