This is just too exciting.

Kayla in Venice. The opposite of "Dreckitude."

This Fall, “America’s Next Top Model” will make Cycle 17 an “All-Stars” season. All-Stars seasons are the new black. Everyone is doing it. I’m fine with that if it means Kayla Ferrel and her AMAZING red makeover can return.

She had better not have messed with that hair.

Here’s the Cycle 17 cast line-up. I can’t even pretend to remember most of the early names, but I do remember the later girls:

Cycle 1: Shannon
Cycle 2: Camille
Cycle 4: Brittany
Cycle 5: Bre
Cycle 5: Lisa
Cycle 9: Bianca
Cycle 10: Dominique
Cycle 11: Isis
Cycle 11: Sheena
Cycle 12: Allison
Cycle 13: Laura
Cycle 14: Angelea
Cycle 15: Kayla
Cycle 16: Alexandria

Look at the haircuts they're giving Molly and Brittani for the Cycle 16 finale!

Obviously this new season must reverse the tragedy of Kayla only making it to third fourth place on Cycle 15.

There should’ve been two winners — Kayla and Ann Ward. And now there can be…

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Who do you think will win Cycle 16? I want it to be Brittani, but I think it will be Molly.

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