Have they ever even discussed the idea of her moving to Austin? Where will Ricki go to school? Will the Hendrick family let Em take Ricki so far away? Was this subject broached at all or did they just decide "let's cross that bridge when we come to it?" (Photo Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group 2010 Disney )

Normally right about now — an hour before the finale of “The Bachelor” — I’m pumped. Excited. I spend weeks poking gentle fun of the show but I love a happy ending as much as the next sap. I know that right around 9:55 p.m. I’m going to squee like a Justin Bieber fan, because I always do. Even for Jake and Vienna.

But now I’m (slightly) sad. Because according to Reality Steve’s latest spoilers from “The After the Final Rose” special — to be taken with a grain of salt — Brad Womack and his fiancee Emily Maynard have already broken up. Sure, they got back together, but that’s a bad sign. A bad, bad sign. I have The Fear.

Ugh. Having said that, I do like her better as a blonde. So that's another problem with her as the (still rumored at this point) Bachelorette. (WENN photo)

It doesn’t help that Ashley Hebert is still the front-runner to be the Season 7 Bachelorette. Steve says she’s already shot some scenes for the season, which should start airing in late May, after “Dancing with the Stars.”


Or is this OK? I don’t know how to feel anymore, but I definitely don’t feel the way I did for Ali and Roberto. Normally I look forward to “The Bachelorette” much more than “The Bachelor” (25 guys >1 guy) but now I don’t know. Ashley The Exhausting does not inspire confidence.

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