I'm sad about it, too, Michelle. Having said that, it's not cool to try and cry your way out of a tough spot. You're not one of the little girls, right? (WENN.com photo)

There’s so much bitterness toward Michelle Money.

I can understand it from the women of “The Bachelor” Season 15. Michelle’s sarcasm may be funny to me at home, but I bet it is different when you’re on the receiving end.

But I think they went too far at “The Women Tell All,” especially Stacey (a fellow cheater!), who dissed Michelle as a mom for putting herself first — while ignoring the fact that Emily Maynard also left her daughter at home.

(Not to mention single dad Jason Mesnick, who left his son behind first on “The Bachelorette” Season 4 and then as “The Bachelor” on Season 13. And he had single mom Stephanie Hogan as one of his contestants.)

Ken & Barbie ... if Ken & Barbie had lots of skeletons in their closets. (WENN.com pic)

Fans seem to be mixed on Michelle, with the haters truly HATING her. Whatever.

I still marvel at the idea that Charlie Sheen has more than 2 million Twitter followers, supporters and defenders, but Michelle can’t catch a break for being aggressive on “The Bachelor.” And I believe she did talk about her daughter, Brielle, on the show and ABC decided they already had a mom talking about her kid, so they stuck with Michelle’s other, more humorous comments.

So I can see Ashley Hebert definitely being “The Bachelorette.” I don’t like her (especially as a brunette) and I don’t care to follow her “journey” through “the process,” but whatever. I’m resigned.

Reid Rosenthal tweeted this pic of himself with fellow Philly resident, Ashley Hebert. Ashley looks much better here than she did on the WTA.

Between Chantal O’Brien’s rumored new boyfriend and the fact that Brad said he wanted a sweet person who makes him want to be a better man, it looks like he’s really picking Emily Maynard. Fine.

I think it may be a lost cause, but Chris Harrison said earlier in the week that the Bachelorette had not yet been chosen, so go ahead and vote in this poll and support either Michelle, Shawntel Newton or one of the Ashleys. Reality Steve said the After the Final Rose is being filmed today, so it could be that they will announce the new lady right there.

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