If this is true, will Chantal be the next Bachelorette? Or is Ashley H. still the one?

Have you read the Brad-picks-Emily-not-Chantal story? It’s the latest spoiler out of FORT.

Reality Steve is going to post something tomorrow that may or may not address this spoiler. It could be that he is (and by that I mean “his sources are”) right and Brad Womack is engaged to Chantal O’Brien. Or he could be wrong and Brad is engaged to Emily Maynard.

** UPDATE **

Steve just posted his column. Brad is engaged to Emily.” He was wrong. Fleissed again! I need to stop believing him. I feel sorry for Chantal…


If Steve is wrong, this will be his second finale Fleiss-ing in a row. If he’s right, he’s going to be ticked about everyone doubting him.

It’s probably safe to say Brad is not engaged to Ashley Hebert, who may or may not be the next Bachelorette. (Will it be Chantal, if Brad does pick Emily?)

Chantal is better off sticking with Boca, anyway. Boca > Brad!

Here’s the unnecessary backstory: I took a random day trip yesterday to Charleston, South Carolina. It was lovely, thanks.

When I came back, I saw that Reality Steve had posted stuff about the “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All,” which was filmed on Friday and will air a week from Monday.

That was expected. Not expected was his note about a big announcement coming, regarding Brad’s season. His Twitter added the detail that it would be coming on Monday.

I checked out the comments on his blog post and that’s where I saw the FORT news. Fans of Reality TV is doing a nice job, again, of sleuthing out stuff. Steve bashes them. They bash Steve. Rinse. Repeat.

The second I read BlondieGal’s thing about how Brad is really engaged to Emily, I wrote up something for Wetpaint. (I am a FORT lurker, but I’ve never posted anything there.)

I really hope it’s true. Emily is boring, but so is Brad. I thought Chantal would bring out his spark or something, but she seems to just be determined to fall in love. I think she’d tell herself she was in love with Joan Rivers if Joan were cast as The Bachelor.

I like this. It’s Ali/Roberto all over again. Or it seems like it is. Who knows. We have to wait until March 14 to find out.

The Ali-picks-no-one thing really felt wrong, especially after Frank left and it turns out he didn’t break her heart. After that, it seemed impossible that she would walk away alone. So she had to pick someone. Roberto made the most sense.

This time, I could see Brad with either Chantal or Emily. And I can see him with neither. Brad says he doesn’t want an emotional roller coaster, which would rule out Chantal. But Brad also wants a friend and someone he can be himself with, and he can’t even get one sentence out around Emily.

I still just want the big news to be that Emily is going on “Dancing with the Stars.”


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