I love looking at where people are coming from and what they're clicking on. Especially when people are getting here by searching for random things like "top chef all stars boot list" when I've never written any spoilers on "Top Chef." Wouldn't even know where to begin.

If most bloggers took 13 months to get 1,000,000 hits, they would probably keep it to themselves. Entertainment Weekly probably gets several million hits a day, and Reality Steve has said he gets something like 500,000 hits a week.

But for me it’s pretty cool — especially since the original idea for this blog was an epic fail.

Back in July 2009, The Famous Lisa Bradbury and I decided to start our own blogs and write short stories. I wrote one story — which ended up about “The Bachelor,” because everything I do ends up about “The Bachelor” whether I want it to or not — and The Famous Lisa Bradbury didn’t write anything or even launch a blog, for a while. (But she is writing things off the web, she just doesn’t want us to see them yet…)

After my one fiction story, I left the blog blank for a while … and then decided to write the same kind of pop culture recaps/gossip I used to write for Seacoastonline.com. I started when Jake Pavelka’s season of “The Bachelor” began in January 2010 — (Can you believe that was only last year?) — and I’ve been posting at least two stories a week ever since.

Anyway, thanks for clicking. I won’t flatter myself and think you’re reading everything. It’s probably best if you don’t anyway, since I just babble. I still just do this for my own amusement. No ads. No plan for ads. Just silliness.


But for anyone who might care, this is what WordPress says my top posts have been:

‘Survivor Nicaragua’ spoilers: Boot lists predict order of eliminated contestants, final 3 — 46,492
When the heck is ‘Project Runway’ Season 9 starting?   —   42,244
Gia Allemand (really Gina) regrets implants, Tenley Molzahn’s ex is engaged and other Bachelor details  —   30,014
Bachelorette spoilers: Should Ali Fedotowsky pick Chris Lambton or Roberto Martinez?  —  26,841
‘The Bachelor’ Season 15 finale spoilers! Brad Womack picks ‘The Slapper’ Chantal O’Brien over NASCAR mom Emily Maynard?  — 26,781
Shocking major spoilers on entire season of ‘The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love’ from Reality Steve — 24,118
Reid Rosenthal of ‘The Bachelorette’ is still dating Miss USA Kristen Dalton. Sad face. —   21,251
‘Project Runway’ Season 8 SPOILERS: Mondo, Gretchen, April and Andy predicted as final four, Mondo to win?  — 19,356
Spoilers! Is this the official ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ boot list, complete with winner?  — 18,954
Ali Fedotowsky leaves ‘The Bachelor’ because of work or Vienna? Should she be ‘The Bachelorette’?  — 18,084

So, lots of gossip and reality TV spoilers. Trashy tabloid stuff. Love it!


Anyway, if you like “The Bachelor,” please check out Wetpaint.com/the-bachelor every single day because they post a ton of stories, photos, videos and other fun stuff every single day. Same with Wetpaint.com/the-bachelorette.

And keep coming back here for other stuff. Hope you like it! No worries if you don’t! 🙂