I really like Britt, but she's too good for Brad. Too shy, too. Michelle, on the other hand, is probably just right for him.

I was thinking about how much everyone seems to want Brad Womack to dump Michelle Money. It makes sense. She is crazy and there’s no way she’d be a healthy companion for anyone, dominating jealous control freak that she is.

But then I pictured “The Bachelor” Season 15 without her and I got scared.

I still have to watch this show. I don’t want to watch it without at least one interesting person. This season is very short on interesting people. Brad sure doesn’t fit the bill. Even Ashley Hebert can’t be relied on to be crazy week in and week out. Only Michelle is good for that.

So I’m glad she’s still around. She even got the first rose of the rose ceremony, right after Brad said his criteria is “Can I see you as my wife?” Ha!

On the flip side, I am so sick of this turning into “The Bachelor: Emily Maynard’s Warm Up To The Bachelorette.” She is being given The Chris Lambton Treatment and even Chris Lambton got annoyed with how many times ABC made him talk about his dead mother on “The Bachelorette.”

There’s a fine line between sensitivity and exploitation and ABC is always blind to it.

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Would you have dumped Michelle? I would not have. I would’ve dumped Ashley H., Lisa M. and probably Alli since Alli wastes all of her alone time with Brad.

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