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You don't dump the ringer! Come on, now.

By Gina Carbone


I wasn’t even planning to write about “The Fashion Show: The Ultimate Collection” anymore, but I just saw Eduardo de las Casas — aka the only real talent on the show — get cut so the producers can milk Calvin Tran’s drama for another two weeks.

The poster boy for reality TV contestants who stick around for dramatic effect.

Granted, Eduardo did too many ruffles, which is what he always does. He really did need to take a risk, but he did make pants, as Isaac Mizrahi suggested. And Dominique Pearl David made a freakin’ pig coat and a humpback dress! And Calvin threw something together in five minutes that made me snore.

I can take “risks” and make a cheap pig coat, too. It takes talent to make classy, standout designs. And there’s no denying that’s what Eduardo does. He has a signature style … that happens to include ruffles every week.

So what? I’d buy everything he makes. If I had more than $100 to my name.

Jeffrey Williams won the eccentric accessories challenge on Episode 8 and Isaac said the white dress he made to showcase the chandelier earrings was the best look they’ve seen all season.

I think Jeffrey is up there with Eduardo and Dominique. Cesar Gallindo is hit or miss and this week he was OK. No one was really “eccentric,” in my opinion, but the judges actually liked everyone’s looks.

Jeffrey and Dominique. I predict those two in the finale.

They didn’t want to send someone home, and considering they sent the best guy home, they should’ve stuck to their original plan.

In my opinion, it was obvious Calvin should’ve been eliminated … weeks ago. He’s the drama boy and they sold out Eduardo for it.

Sorry, Bravo, but I don’t even know if I can watch what happens next.

Catch up on my (only two) “Fashion Show” stories in this archive.


Who do you love, Gustavo?

Last week Brad Womack had two things to do: Quickly move past (the good decisions of) “The Bachelor” Season 11 and prove that he’s not really a boring Texas Ken doll.

He failed at both — drowning the Season 15 premiere in depressing apologies instead of showing the spark and sense of humor that occasionally pop up in his interviews.

Which leaves us with with “The Bachelor” Season 15 Episode 2, where the burden shifts to the ladies. Thankfully it looks like they will not fail in their mission to put some life back into this already troubled season. Cat fights galore!

Check out all the stuff that’s going to go down tonight, from two one-on-one dates (Ashley H. and Jackie) and a pretty epic group date involving the Red Cross that somehow also involves a Telemundo soap opera cat fight and Madison the vampire fang girl in dominatrix gear, telling Brad to lick her boot. (Fun!) And I guess Melissa steals a kiss from Brad that launches new drama. (Fun!)


“Bachelorette” cuties Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez will also show up before the rose ceremony to help Brad weed out girls who are not there for — wait for it — “the right reasons.”

You really should check out Wetpaint’s Bachelor site — and not just ’cause I write for it. We’ve added a crapload of stories and videos and updated spoilers in the past week.

Brad has been on a media blitz (poor fella), trying to sell this season. He’s already told us he’s madly in love and calls his chosen one 20 times a day.

Reality Steve has said Brad is engaged to his lady *spoiler alert* whom we can pretty much guarantee is Chantal O’Brien, aka “The Slapper.” Brad even made a special video begging people to stop being so uptight about her slap.

I worry about them.


What’s the Deal With Fang Girl?

Chantal O’Brien Slaps Some Sense Into Brad Womack

All About (Future Bachelorette?) Emily Maynard

Brad Womack Fell Early — And Hard — For The Woman He Picks

Brad Womack: “Chances Are Damn Good” He’ll Be Married This Time Next Year

Chris Harrison Talks Fang Girl and “Villainous” Michelle Money


Catch up on my “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” stories in this archive and head back to the Wetpaint Bachelor site for my post-show recap and other stuff. Ciao!

I get a good vibe from this group. Maybe it's the red shoes.

By Gina Carbone

I’m already in love with half the cast of “Survivor: Redemption Island” and I’ve only seen a short video. I should probably stop now since I’ll start hating them if I see more.

Keep them blurry!

People magazine posted a cute little video and mini write-ups about the 16 castaways who, at this point, don’t seem to know Boston Rob Mariano and Evil Russell Hantz will be joining them to make a solid 18.

(I would LOVE IT if Rob and Russell stayed blurred out, like they are in the video clip, for the whole season.)

“Redemption Island” will be shot in Nicaragua again, which leads me to believe there will be no water challenges. I miss them. But at least we have the Redemption Island twist itself. Even if it’s lame —  and I doubt it will be — it can’t be worse than the Medallion of Power … or anything else about “Nicaragua.”

This season was shot before the end of "Nicaragua," I believe, so they won't know that Fabio won by already being this guy.

Speaking of “Nicaragua” … it looks like we have a Fabio clone in Matthew “Matt” Elrod. The video also shows us “braniac” David Murphy, hot Iraq vet Mike Chiesl, and Ralph Kiser, who is like Big Tom mixed with Rupert. Love him already.

Adore Ralph.

We also have a bunch of football players (thanks, Jimmy Johnson!) and hot chicks, including two pageant blondes — Krista Klumpp and Ashley Underwood — and two similar cuties, Stephanie Valencia and Natalie Tenerelli.

I’m worried that Francesca Hogi will turn into another angry NaOnka. CBS should not do this, but they love to do it so they probably will. (Just don’t quit!)

At least the women also have Kristina Kell, who finds herself to be the complete package, and newly divorced firefighter Julie Wolfe, who is like several past “Survivor” contestants in one (Tom Westman? Jane Bright? Wendy? Wanda?)

I always pick a pre-season favorite and I’m about to do it again. For “Samoa” I chose “The Toothless Texan,” who turned out to be the Evil Oompa Loompa himself. For “Nicaragua” I chose Jane and she turned into Gollum.

This time I am going to use my curious powers for spotting the (evil) Player of the Season to target … David! David, I am now rooting for you … to do something interesting. You don’t have to win, you just have to be memorable. That is your task.

The season starts on February 16, which is another Wednesday. I don’t really give a rat’s ass what day it’s on. I’ll watch it.


Andrea is an ex-marine, which is cool. She also looks like she'll be considered less of a threat than the mega-hot Iraq veteran guy.

Here’s the cast list (minus Rob & Russell) from

Keep an eye on Ashley, and not just 'cause she's purty.

• Andrea Boehlke, 21, former marine: “I’ve been raised on a farm my whole life,” she says, “and I’ve been hunting since I was 12 and fishing and camping, so I’m not too worried about the elements.”

Mike Chiesl, 31, student: “The great thing about Survivor, though, is nobody’s shooting at you,” says the Iraqi vet. “I’ll take that over going on deployment to Iraq any day.”

• Matt Elrod, 22, pre-med student: “Out here when people feel alone and isolated,” he says, “I have a warmth towards people that I think they’ll respond to and want to keep me around and probably trust me.”

• Ralph Kiser, 44, farmer: “I’ll make you laugh your ass off,” he says, “because I say things not proper.”

Francesca Hogi, 36, attorney: “There’s a mean girl inside of me,” she says. “I terrorized some girls in elementary school.”

• Krista Klumpp, 25, pharmaceutical rep: “I competed for three years in the Miss Alabama pageant and then two years in the Miss Alabama USA pageant,” she says.

• Kristina Kell, 46, law student: “I’m a complete package,” she says.

I'm already crushing on David. He's my type. Is this bad? The shorts!

• David Murphy, 31, defense attorney: “I think I’m going to have to start the game taking myself down a notch,” he says. “It sounds awful to say it but I’m going to have but I’m going to have to bring myself down to their level.”

Here's hot Iraq vet Mike.

• Grant Mattos, 29, yoga instructor: “[I played professional football for] the San Diego Chargers, the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans.”

• Stephanie Valencia, 25, waitress: “I’m always right even when I’m wrong,” she says. “I always get my way just because I know how.”

• Phillip Sheppard, 52, technology executive: “I have a terrific smile and when I really let it pop, you look at that smile and it disarms you,” he says.

• Sarita White, 36, visual effects producer: “It’s a good group,” she says of her costars, “so that of course makes me excited but also like, what’s the catch?”

• Natalie Tenerelli, 19, professional dancer: “Of course I’m going to use my girly instincts,” she says. “I can be flirtatious and I hopefully will know when to stop.”

Phillip does have a nice smile.

Go Julie!

• Julie Wolfe, 50, firefighter: “I’m newly divorced. I have 100 percent custody for two children and I’m paying alimony, I’m paying child support and my house is in foreclosure,” she says.

• Ashley Underwood, 25, nurse: “I really think pageants get a bad rap sometimes,” she says, “but in all honesty, it really takes a lot of mental toughness.”

• Steve Wright, 51, former NFL player: “I played for the Cowboys, the Baltimore Colts, the Indianapolis Colts, the Los Angeles Raiders,” he says.


Check out more cast photos here on the official “Survivor: Redemption” CBS page.

And check out some spoilers on the Survivor Sucks board. I haven’t been paying enough attention to know what’s up yet.

And catch up on my “Survivor” stories and spoilers in this nifty archive.

Chantal, I'm crying too.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to effing death of hearing Brad Womack apologize for making the right call back on “The Bachelor” Season 11 in 2007.

So what if he didn’t choose someone? That’s what happens when they cast for “types” instead of choosing the Bachelor first, then finding women that might be good for him — then giving the Bachelor and his chosen ones time to get to know each other, away from the cameras.

But that’s not the premise of the show. The premise of the show is putting 25 to 30 crazy people in the same room with a lot of booze. Then turn them loose and turn on the cameras. If love happens, bonus.

Brad is back tonight and he’s going to try to sell us all on how he’s a changed man. Warning: It will be dull. I saw a preview of “The Bachelor” Season 15 premiere — minus the rose ceremony — and it’s a shame how depressing it is. I am pulling for Brad, but if this season is going to survive it desperately needs to up the fun and out the funk.

Right now there’s a ton of info on Wetpaint’s Bachelor site. We have news stories, videos (Brad saying stuff, Ali and Roberto saying stuff…), gossip, photos, rumors and spoilers galore. I’ll have some kind of recap on the site after 10 p.m. East Coast time Monday night, too, if you care to check it out. It won’t be jolly.

Read my own “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” blog stories in this archive.

If a girl wants a rose, she should just clip the bushes behind Brad and Chris. Done.

It’s a good thing I do nothing but watch TV. It’s not always a good thing, but from January-March it’s pretty grand.

AOL’s lovely and amazing TV Squad just unleashed its list of Winter/Spring 2011 season premieres. All the good stuff is coming back. (Except for “Project Runway” Season 9. Where the eff is it?)

Plan your life accordingly:

Saturday, January 1
‘Primeval’* at 10PM on BBC America
‘Candice Tells All’* at 8PM on HGTV
‘Dear Genevieve’* at 8:30PM on HGTV

Sunday, January 2
‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ at 7PM on ABC
‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ at 8PM on ABC
‘CSI: Miami’# at 8PM on CBS
‘Desperate Housewives’ at 9PM on ABC
‘Worst Cooks in America’* at 9PM on Food Network
‘What Chilli Wants’*# at 9PM on VH1
‘My Fair Wedding With David Tutera’* at 9PM on We
‘Brothers & Sisters’ at 10PM on ABC
‘Rich Bride, Poor Bride’* at 10PM on We

Monday, January 3
‘The Bachelor’* at 8PM on ABC (Gina’s note: Visit Wetpaint’s Bachelor site for my ramblings on the show, plus news, gossip, spoilers and stuff worth reading)

‘How I Met Your Mother’ at 8PM on CBS
‘Antiques Roadshow’ at 8PM on PBS
‘Pretty Little Liars’* at 8PM on ABC Family
‘Adventure Time’ and ‘Regular Show’ at 8PM on Cartoon Network
‘Rules of Engagement’ at 8:30PM on CBS (moves to Thursdays in February)
‘Robotomy’ at 8:45PM on Cartoon Network
‘Two and a Half Men’ at 9PM on CBS
‘Greek’* at 9PM on ABC Family
‘Mike & Molly’ at 9:30PM on CBS
‘Castle’ at 10PM on ABC
‘Hawaii Five-O’ at 10PM on CBS
‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’* at 10PM on Food Network
‘Disappeared’ at 10PM on ID

Tuesday, January 4
‘No Ordinary Family’ at 8PM on ABC
‘Million Dollar Money Drop’ at 8PM on FOX
‘The Biggest Loser’* at 8PM on NBC
‘V’* at 9PM on ABC
‘Detroit 1-8-7’ at 10PM on ABC
‘Parenthood’ at 10PM on NBC
‘Independent Lens’ at 10PM on PBS
‘Chopped’* at 10PM on Food Network

Wednesday, January 5
‘The Middle’ at 8PM on ABC
‘Human Target’ at 8PM on FOX (Moves to 9PM on Jan. 26)
‘Minute to Win It’ at 8PM on NBC
‘How & Howe Tech’# at 8PM on Discovery
‘Better With You’ at 8:30PM on ABC
‘Modern Family’ at 9PM on ABC
‘Friday Night Lights’ at 9PM on DirecTV Channel 101
‘Ghost Hunters International’* at 9PM on SyFy
‘Tyler Perry’s House of Payne’ at 9PM on TBS
‘Cougar Town’ at 9:30PM on ABC (replaced by new series ‘Mr. Sunshine’ in February)
‘Law & Order: SVU’# at 10PM on NBC
‘Are We There Yet?’* at 10PM on TBS

Thursday, January 6
‘Wipeout’* at 8PM on ABC
‘The Big Bang Theory’ at 8PM on CBS
‘$–! My Dad Says’ at 8:30PM on CBS (‘Rules of Engagement’ moves to this slot on Feb. 24)
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ at 9PM on ABC
‘CSI’ at 9PM on CBS
‘Private Practice’ at 10PM on ABC
‘The Mentalist’ at 10PM on CBS
‘This Old House Hour’# at 10PM on PBS
‘Selling New York’* at 10PM on HGTV
‘Jersey Shore’* at 10PM on MTV
‘Ace of Cakes’* at 10PM on Food Network

Friday, January 7
‘Supernanny’ at 8PM on ABC
‘Medium’ at 8PM on CBS
‘Primetime: What Would You Do?’ at 9PM on ABC
‘CSI: New York’ at 9PM on CBS
‘Confessions: Animal Hoarding’ at 10PM on Animal Planet
‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’# at 8:30PM on Cartoon Network
‘Say Yes to the Dress’* at 9PM on TLC
‘Twisted’* at 10PM on ID
‘Merlin’* at 10PM on SyFy
‘Four Weddings’* at 10PM on TLC

Saturday, January 8
‘It’s Me or the Dog’* at 8PM on Animal Planet
‘Austin City Limits’ at 9PM on PBS

Sunday, January 9
‘The Simpsons’ at 8PM on FOX
‘Nature’ at 8PM on PBS
‘Food Network Challenge’* at 8PM on Food Network
‘Family Guy’ at 9PM on FOX
‘Masterpiece’ at 9PM on PBS
‘Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane’* at 9PM on Style
‘The Cleveland Show’# at 9:30 on FOX
‘Iron Chef America’* at 10PM on FOX
‘Alaska State Troopers’ at 10PM on NatGeo
‘Californication’*# at 10PM on Showtime
‘The Dish’*# at 10PM on Style
‘Robot Chicken’ at 11:45 PM on Adult Swim

Monday, January 10
‘Lie to Me’ at 9PM on FOX
‘The Bad Girls Club’*# at 9PM on Oxygen
‘You’re Cut Off’* at 9PM on VH1

Tuesday, January 11
‘NCIS’ at 8PM on CBS
‘Nova’* at 8PM on PBS
‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ at 9PM on CBS
‘Frontline’ at 9PM on PBS
‘The Good Wife’ at 10PM on CBS
‘The Game’* at 10PM on BET (previously on CW)
‘Tosh.0’*# at 10PM on Comedy Central
‘Teen Mom’* at 10PM on MTV
‘Southland’* at 10PM on TNT

Wednesday, January 12
‘Criminal Minds’ at 9PM on CBS
‘Chase’# at 9PM on NBC
‘Defenders’ at 10PM on CBS (moves to Fridays at 8PM starting Feb. 11)

Thursday, January 13
‘Naked Science’*# at 8PM on NatGeo

Friday, January 14
‘The Ricky Gervais Show’* at 9PM on HBO
‘Real Time With Bill Maher’* at 10PM on HBO

Sunday, January 16
‘American Dad’# at 7:30PM on FOX
‘Big Love’* at 9PM on HBO

Monday, January 17
‘Chuck’ at 8PM on NBC
‘House’ at 8PM on FOX
‘Explorer’ at 10PM on NatGeo

Tuesday, January 18
‘Life Unexpected’ at 9PM on CW
‘White Collar’* at 10PM on USA

Wednesday, January 19
‘Blue Bloods’# at 10PM on CBS (until Feb. 9)
‘American Idol’* at 8PM on FOX
‘Hot in Cleveland’* at 10PM on TV Land

Thursday, January 20
‘Community’ at 8PM on NBC
‘American Idol’ at 8PM on FOX
‘The Office’ at 9PM on NBC
‘Bones’# at 9PM on FOX
‘Parks & Recreation’* at 9:30 on NBC
’30 Rock’# at 10PM on NBC
‘Royal Pains’* at 10PM on USA
‘Outsourced’* at 10:30PM on NBC

Friday, January 21
‘Kitchen Nightmares’*# at 8PM on FOX
‘Fringe’# at 9PM on FOX
‘My Big Redneck Wedding’* at 9:30 on CMT (moves to 9PM starting Feb. 4)

Sunday, January 23
‘Holly’s World’* at 10:30PM on E!

Monday, January 24
‘90210’ at 8PM on CW
‘Gossip Girl’ at 9PM on CW
‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’* at 9PM on LOGO

Tuesday, January 25
‘One Tree Hill’ at 8PM on CW

Wednesday, January 26
‘Clean House’* at 10PM on Style

Thursday, January 27
‘The Vampire Diaries’ at 8PM on CW
‘Nikita’ at 9PM on CW
‘Archer’* at 10PM on FX

Friday, January 28
‘Smallville’ at 8PM on CW
‘Supernatural’ at 8PM on CW

Monday, January 31
‘Donald J. Trump’s Wonderful World of Golf’* at 9PM on Golf Channel

Tuesday, February 1
‘Million Dollar Listing’* at 10PM on Bravo

Friday, February 4
‘Who Do You Think You Are?’* at 8PM on NBC

Tuesday, February 8
‘Glee’ at 8PM on FOX (with preview on the 6th and special episode after the Super Bowl)
‘Raising Hope’ at 9PM on FOX
‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’# at 10PM on NBC

Wednesday, February 9
‘Justified’# at 10PM on FX

Wednesday, February 16
‘Survivor’* at 8PM on CBS

Thursday, February 17
‘Man vs. Wild’*# at 9PM on Discovery

Sunday, February 20
‘The Amazing Race’* at 8PM on CBS

Wednesday, February 23
‘America’s Next Top Model’* — at 8PM on CW
‘Ghost Hunters’* — at 9PM on SyFy

Friday, February 25
‘American Loggers’* at 10PM on Discovery

Monday, February 28
‘The Event’ at 9PM on NBC

Sunday, March 6
‘The Marriage Ref’*# at 8PM on NBC
‘The Apprentice’*# at 9PM on NBC
‘Ruby’* at 8PM on Style

Monday, March 7
‘Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back’* at 8PM on Style

Wednesday, April 27
‘South Park’* at 10PM on Comedy Central

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