Actually, he always looks on the verge of tears.

He did look pissed.

Russell, I mean. At the live finale for “Survivor: Samoa.” You could tell he knew he lost and, of course, he was bitter about it. (Some would say justifiably bitter.)

And by that point he must’ve also known that he would lose “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.” He was just as bitter about that, using the reunion show to expose the “flaw” in the game, which seemed to be the social game as a whole.

So I’m not surprised at the allegation that Evil Russell “spoiled” seasons 19 and 20 for Missyae of Survivor Sucks, (or formerly of Sucks, anyway) despite that being a major no-no to CBS.

I love spoilers. So I guess I should thank Russell for being the alleged source of the HvV boot list (I didn’t even know about the Samoa spoilers).


Still, it’s strange that a spoiler king would be brought back for “Redemption Island” (unless that’s the real meaning of the title.)

Russell even supposedly fed Missyae some false spoilers on 22 — saying Kimbo Slice and Carrie Prejean would be competing this season.

Why is all of this coming to light now? Because there’s a feud! I love a good feud.

Missyae is no longer around the Sucks board. CBS threatened him with a lawsuit, but I guess they just wanted names and now that’s gone.

He and Shannon Elkins of “Survivor: Nicaragua” started the Survivor Whispers Facebook page, which includes a bunch of “Survivor” alumni chatting with fans.

Missyae tweets updates on which alumni are chatting (lots of Nicarugrats like Purple Kelly, NaOnka, Marty, Sash and Yve) and on Whispers it’s clear that Jim Early is Missyae.

And it’s very clear that Jim/Missyae and Russell do not get along.


Today someone started a Whispers discussion with “I think that Russell just kind of called out Missyae on his profile. Ooooooo, scandalous!” (This looks like the call-out in question. Russell goes off on an anti-spoiler rant in several posts.)

Jim Early responded in force, with some very interesting intel on the Russell/Sucks/Missyae connection. Here are some of Jim/Missyae’s posts:

Missyae recently tweeted this pic: "Russell Hantz and Snooki in the back of a limo together, from Missaye of Survivor Whispers"

Jim Early Yeah well wait till my interview and hes gonna think getting called out, LEAKER

Jim Early With and MSNBC tomorrow. Someone is gonna be exposed for leaking info to Missyae

Jim Early Funny how he says that about someone spoiling the show and he spoled 19 and 20 toi Missyae. “Got your pen ready, write all this down”

Jim Early Oooooo how scandalous now Chris Yates, BOOOYAH Russell Hantz violated his contract not once, but twice, 5 milion each time, I bet he dont get paid in March like he thinks

Jim Early LOL Believe me, I got the emails saved from him. Anti deleted a thread of his at SUCKS where he was pretending to be his wife. I set that up for him and when CBS called him and told him to get it down, I asked Anti to remove it and told him why, Anti removed it. Russell Hantz is the biggest leak and biggest hypocrite ever on reality tv

Jim Early He tried to implicate an innocent player and I dont like that

Jim Early He went and actually cried to JP [Jeff Probst] and tried to implicate someone innocent

Jim Early Yeah all the crap I took at SUCKS for defending him or pimping him in the spoilers were his words he wanted me to say

Jim Early I took the heat

Jim Early Now Russell is threatning to sue me, for what, telliing the truth? lol

Jim Early Yeah and he keeps making fun of the fake Kimbo and Prejean info, it came from him. He was doing it for CBS cause at the time, they believed him about the person he implicated so they gave him bad info to give to me to discredit me. So the kimbo crap came from Russell Hantz too

Jim Early So let him keep running his mouth, thats all he can do, he sure cant win Survivor or outlast Rob.

Jim Early So the posting that started this thread is a joke, lol. Hes being called out with loads of proof

Jim Early He also mentioned why those idols were so easy to find, stay tuned for that info soon

Jim Early Prolly drunk again like he was when he accidentally came in here the other night and begged me to delete his postings so I did

Jim Early I remember the night he wanted to start that thraed at SUCKS he was so stupid he didnt know how,. I tried to tell him over the phone and he still couldnt do it. He put his wife on the phone with me and I instruced her how to do it, then he started posting as his wife

Jim Early I told him, wont CBS get mad and he said “i have better lawyers than CBS” about an hour later they called him and told him to get it down so he called me back and said, “how do i delete it” i said what happened to u having better lawyers than CBS? He said “just tell me how to delete it” I told him he couldnt MISSYAE would have to clean up his mess for him. I told ANTI the truth and he took care of it.

Jim Early Now he wants to call MISSYAE out??????


It goes on and on. I can’t wait to read the interviews. Jim/Missyae says Russell is Jeff Probst’s boy. Exec producer Mark Burnett supposedly hates him.

Of course, these are all Jim’s words. Very one-sided. Take it for what it is … which is, to me, just interesting behind-the-scenes gossip.


So I have no idea when we’ll see a season 22 boot list, if we will at all. But I have a feeling we will. There’s already some spoiling going on. If it’s accurate or not, I don’t know ’cause “Survivor: Redemption Island” hasn’t started and I don’t get any direct intel myself. I just lurk on message boards like everyone else. We’ll find out!


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