I'm trying not to judge, but I know physical attraction is a big deal for Brad and he does seem to be singling out the women with, uh, augmentations.

By Gina Carbone

Mostly I’m worried about Chantal.

Brad has told anyone who will listen — and anyone who won’t — that he’s in love with the woman he chooses at the end of “The Bachelor” Season 15.

Madly in love. Calls his special lady friend 20 times a day. In one interview he compared himself to a sophomore in high school, which is fitting for this season of 21-year-olds and 19-year-olds.

But Chantal O’Brien — the woman Spoiler King Reality Steve says Brad proposes to in the end — used her one-on-one time on Episode 3 to cry about how every time she feels special, someone else has the same experience with Brad.

It’s true.

What's with the leopard print dress? I thought Melissa the cougar left last week.

How is she going to handle watching Brad go from kissing her to kissing nemesis Michelle Money on the same date?

*** FEB 26 UPDATE  ***

Unless Brad didn’t pick Chantal after all. FORT says Reality Steve got it wrong (again) and Brad is engaged to Emily, not Chantal. True or false? We’ll find out soon!

*** END UPDATE ***

Then watching Brad give the rose to Shawntel Newton, telling her he’s wildly attracted to her?

Then hearing Emily Maynard say Brad makes her feel special, like she’s the only one? (Sound familiar?) Then hear Brad tell the camera he feels like Emily could be the one?

Are they going to make it? I kind of need this season to end well. I like when they all end well, but I’ve been pulling for Brad from before Day 1 and now I feel on a personal level that this has to work or my time will have been wasted … and I’ll feel party to promoting 10 weeks of depressing therapy.

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