Is this a joke?

I already wrote something about the fashions at the Golden Globe Awards, but Heidi Klum deserves a special mention.

She is the host/judge/producer of my beloved “Project Runway” and then she did this.

Why, Heidi?

What is happening here?

According to FabSugar, “Heidi Klum brought her multicolored self to the red carpet wearing a ’70s-inspired Marc Jacobs dress with stacked bangles. Orange lips and newly done eyebrows by eyebrow guru Anastasia complete her free-spirited look. Thoughts?”

Here are my thoughts: She looks like ass. I can’t see a single good thing about the dress, but the very worst has to be the flower bow thing at the waist.

At least her hair is pretty.

Tilda Swinton looked better and it pains me to say that.