Who do you love, Gustavo?

Last week Brad Womack had two things to do: Quickly move past (the good decisions of) “The Bachelor” Season 11 and prove that he’s not really a boring Texas Ken doll.

He failed at both — drowning the Season 15 premiere in depressing apologies instead of showing the spark and sense of humor that occasionally pop up in his interviews.

Which leaves us with with “The Bachelor” Season 15 Episode 2, where the burden shifts to the ladies. Thankfully it looks like they will not fail in their mission to put some life back into this already troubled season. Cat fights galore!

Check out all the stuff that’s going to go down tonight, from two one-on-one dates (Ashley H. and Jackie) and a pretty epic group date involving the Red Cross that somehow also involves a Telemundo soap opera cat fight and Madison the vampire fang girl in dominatrix gear, telling Brad to lick her boot. (Fun!) And I guess Melissa steals a kiss from Brad that launches new drama. (Fun!)


“Bachelorette” cuties Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez will also show up before the rose ceremony to help Brad weed out girls who are not there for — wait for it — “the right reasons.”

You really should check out Wetpaint’s Bachelor site — and not just ’cause I write for it. We’ve added a crapload of stories and videos and updated spoilers in the past week.

Brad has been on a media blitz (poor fella), trying to sell this season. He’s already told us he’s madly in love and calls his chosen one 20 times a day.

Reality Steve has said Brad is engaged to his lady *spoiler alert* whom we can pretty much guarantee is Chantal O’Brien, aka “The Slapper.” Brad even made a special video begging people to stop being so uptight about her slap.

I worry about them.


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