Is there a "Survivor" without Jeff? I vote no.

Everyone loves Fabio. Especially Fabio. I get it. He’s proud of his win and if I were him I’d be loving life too. More power to him.

I was reading this Zap2It story where Fabio was talking about how he was nervous after Chase’s four votes during last night’s “Survivor: Nicaragua” finale because he’d been spoiled on the ending too. He was probably given some intel from past contestants but the rest of us thought it would be a blowout because of missyae’s spoilers on Survivor Sucks. Anyway, Fabio won β€” as spoiled β€” and good for him. Go change the world via color wheels, music videos and parties, etc.

The part of his interview that froze me a bit was when he was asked about the “Redemption Island” twist for “Survivor” season 22:


What did you think of the “Redemption Island” twist?

“That’s crazy! I think it’s going to be the last season of ‘Survivor.’ I know Jeff has a show going on with Anderson Cooper and I think he’s milked this for all it’s worth, so I think the 22nd season will be the end. But maybe not! Maybe someone else will host.”


WTF? Personally, I think Jud is the one who has milked “Survivor” for all it’s worth and Jeff Probst has much more up his sleeve.

But the Sucks board has been talking about how Jeff might be leaving the show for ABC or whatnot. CBS has “Survivor” casting calls going on right now, but could they be casting for a Jeff-less season? Is there a “Survivor” without Jeff Probst?

No one is asking me, but I want “Survivor” to keep on keepin’ on, with Jeff Probst, aka Jesus Christ himself. I need my dimples fix.

By the way, if you want intel on “Redemption Island,” Jeff talks about it in this Entertainment Weekly interview and Sucks already has preview photos of an all-stars “Redemption” cast list, unless this is just old, recycled footage.

I want to believe that cast list is legit, even if that’s not logical. I love the idea of having Andrew Savage back! I loved that guy on “Pearl Islands” and I never bought the idea that he shouldn’t return just ’cause he was ousted early in the game.

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