"Project Runway" Season 4 was the best. Yes? No? Maybe?

By Gina Carbone

I don’t have the answer. I’m asking. (Update: I finally do have the answers! Season 9 premieres Wednesday, July 27 . Except, no! A new poster says they are sticking with Thursday episodes, with the premiere on Thursday, July 28. Why are they being so annoying about it?)

I get irritable when “Project Runway” is off the air. I need a constant fix. Just set up an IV. “The Fashion Show” is not cutting it. Most of the folks on that show are drama queens, with Eduardo as the one major talent.

I keep checking Blogging Project Runway and they are good about giving updates on past PR contestants, but there’s nothing (that I’ve seen) on “Project Runway” Season 9. There’s a lot on Tim Gunn and the judges at this or that event, which tells me it’s going to be a while before the show comes back.

**JANUARY 2011 UPDATE** According to this short video of Heidi, they haven’t started filming Season 9 yet. “We always film in June and July,” she says while signing autographs. So it sounds like it’s going to a A LONG TIME before we see it. **END UPDATE**

**MARCH 2011 UPDATE** “Project Runway” Season 9 is now casting! According to Blogging Project Runway,Application deadline is April 15th and auditions will begin in late April.” Here’s the pdf link for the application: http://www.bunim-murray.com/PR9Application.pdf.

This poster says Thursdays, with the premiere on July 28. So I guess we're blowing off the original Wednesday premiere announcement.

**MAY 2011 UPDATE** Lifetime just released its 2011-2012 programming slate and noted “Project Runway to Return for Ninth Season in Summer 2011.” No set date yet, but that’s a good sign. There are also details in the press release about the “Project Runway All-Stars” season.

**JUNE 2011 UPDATE** Big news! The premiere will be Wednesday, July 27 at 9 p.m. Yes, it’s Wednesday. Here’s more from the press release. BUT WAIT! The new Heidi Klum poster says the premiere will be Thursday, July 28! So WTF? Guess they are sticking with Thursdays after all.

Hurry up!

And for anyone who is still swearing off the show after the Mondo Guerra/Gretchen Jones disaster of Season 8 — child, please. We wouldn’t even know the name Mondo Guerra without “Project Runway.” I can’t wait to meet the new designers — even if only one or two of them have any real talent.

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