The Fabios of 2010

Sometimes it’s The Year of the Dragon. Other times it’s The Year of the Snake, Rat, Rooster, etc. This is The Year of the Fabio.

Let’s review:

Jud “Fabio” Birza, 21 or 22, just saved his own tush on “Survivor: Nicaragua.” (Can’t wait till Sunday’s finale to know how he does? Find out if he’s the winner or the next boot on the spoilers boot list here.) His hot mom just told us his hometown nickname was “Jud the Stud.” This crop of “Survivor” tools dubbed him “Fabio” because of his hair, but, really, “Coach” Ben Wade is the one who really looks like Fabio. Judson/Fabio is a cute Venice Beach, California surfer boy and drummer in the band Space Funk Odyssey. He’s also a model and apparently studying Chinese. He probably isn’t as dumb as he likes to play off, but he had no idea what was happening last week … which matches him perfectly to this season of ditzes. (Russell Hantz, I never thought I’d miss you, but…)

Fabio Viviani, 32, was voted fan favorite on “Top Chef” Season 5. He came in fourth, but was popular enough to bring back on the current “Top Chef” all-stars Season 8. He’s a charming Italian character who has no problem talking back to the judges … when he’s not shamelessly making eyes at Padma. Love him. Having said that, I still love Stefan Richter more.

Fabio Lanzoni, 51, is the Italian fashion model we know and love just as Fabio. I don’t even remember how I knew who he was before the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” commercials, but he has a new Toyota commercial putting him back on the public radar. Good for him. Check out the Official Fabio International Fan Club.