If he's still into tall brunettes, I may have a shot. That's what I'm going with, anyway, and I don't want to hear otherwise.

This is it. This is my shot. Fingers crossed, I’m on the short list to be Michael C. Hall’s Wife #3.

Here's Michael (does he ever go by Mike?) and Amy.

I’ve loved him since he played uber-hot David Fisher on “Six Feet Under.” And by “uber-hot” I mean “adorably repressed gay undertaker.”

He was married to stage actress Amy Spanger from 2002 – 2006.

I felt betrayed when he married Wife #2, Jennifer Carpenter, because she’s a fellow tall brunette, but a younger and thinner one. SLAP!

(He’s 39. I’m 34. She just turned 31 on December 7. Happy birthday, eh?)

But now that she’s exiting stage left I can finally admit I think she’s amazing on “Dexter.” She probably deserves an Emmy for the underrated and underappreciated Debra Morgan.

They were married on Dec. 31, 2008 and new reports are saying they’ve been separated for a while.


He's so put-upon. Why do I love when they're put-upon?

To quote Access Hollywood’s report about the split:

A source tells Access that, according to a person very close to the production, the real life husband and wife, who play brother and sister Dexter & Deborah Morgan on the hit Showtime show, haven’t been getting along on set all season and that it’s widely known an official separation announcement is imminent.

In fact, Access’ source was told that Carpenter was going around the set talking about the couple’s problems during the course of the show’s production.

Additionally, our source was informed that Hall, Carpenter and the rest of the show’s cast are very worried about how the two of them are going to work as closely together on set next season as they’re usually required to do.

“Dexter” held its fifth season finale party in New York Sunday night –Carpenter was present, but Hall was not.


TMZ says she’s the one filing for divorce. She seemed very supportive as he battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but maybe he’s too focused on his work? Or … is he … uh … not that into women? Or is he too into women and cheating? Did he and “Dexter” co-star Julia Stiles get too close? He does seem to fall for his co-stars.


Ted Casablanca of E! has a blind vice about Michael C. Hall and I wonder if it has anything to do with his marriage issues.

Dear Ted:
Hope you enjoyed your vacation. So glad to have you back and bitchy as ever! My question is about Michael C. Hall, the fabulous Dexter. He seems very clean, but has he ever been a Blind Vice?

Dear Dex the Halls:
Yes. Should we have put him in our Blind Vice Gallery?

Dear Ted:
So Michael C. Hall has secrets? Not too surprising, but I’m so curious to know what they are! Maybe we will see a Blind Vice in the future? Pretty please?

Dear Backward:
Future? Hon-pie, he’s already been one.

Dear Ted
I’ve started to get into Dexter recently (great show!) and I have completely fallen for Michael C. Hall! There is just something about him that I find so sexy! My question is does he have any Vicey habits? What about he and his wife? Are they a normal couple like they seem?

Dear Killer Instinct:
Yep, Michael has been a BV. But when his TV alter ego’s Vice is, uh, being a serial killer does any naughty habits he’s up to between takes even compare?


So what is that about? Which Vice is he? Do I care? I guess I do. Not like I have a huge shot at being Wife #3. But for some reason it matters when a celeb is married or not.

Besides, whatever bad Blind Vice he has may be made up for by this revealed good Blind Item. Heart!

Anyway, why do you think the divorce news came out EXACTLY ONE DAY after the “Dexter” season 5 finale? How long have they been apart, waiting so the breakup news didn’t trump the dramatic finale to a show where MCH is an executive producer?