Um, wow. Now the winner makes even less sense.

Sash’s stammering is starting to make me nervous. Even more nervous than Chase’s “I’m so stupid” flip-flopping.  But nothing is making me more nervous than feeling lost when it comes to the “Survivor: Nicaragua” spoilers.


(PAUSE FOR A SPOILER BREAK: Um … WTF? I thought Fabio was supposed to start his immunity run at this point? But Sash won immunity instead. So Sash has been a big strategic player and he now has two sources of immunity. So why doesn’t he win, again? At the very least Chase should win, if not Sash. END SPOILER BREAK.)


Not as stupid as everyone — including he — thinks.

I love how fast Benry turned on Fabio. But I love even more how Chase preferred dumping Benry (even though Benry thought “Chase was my boy from day 1″).

Also love how Fabio whispered for cheerleader Jane to “shut up” as she encouraged everyone to do well during the immunity challenge.

But most of all I love how Jane defended the chicken, not-so-affectionately dubbed Kelly-Na.

See, Chase? If you had only picked Sash for the reward instead of Jane, she could’ve saved the chicken. (I have a feeling Jane and Shambo would be friends. No?)

Benry got more air time on “Not Sure Where I Stand” than every episode thus far. Glad to see him go. Well, not glad, really, since he barely made an impact beyond called poor Alina a “dirt squirrel.”

Chase, stupid reward decision or not, dominated this episode. Sash played his “swing vote” card by backing Chase’s Angels over The Bizarre Nickname + Dan team, where he probably belonged. Chase wanted Benry gone over Fabio and that’s how it played out. More than anything, even though he’s a big guy who won the reward, Chase’s name never came up for elimination. They didn’t even try to flush out the idol he got from NaOnka.

The immunity challenge came down to Benry, Fabio and Sash. Funny how it always seems to come down to the people who really need to win. (Proving the people who don’t do well are very aware of their safety in the game.)

Somehow, Sash won. So he has Marty’s old idol, immunity and he was the swing vote in a dominant alliance.

Fabio sort of tried to scramble to save himself, but he still seemed out of it. He believed that everyone wanted to vote out Holly. He trusted the wrong people. Benry lied. Dan was fine with turning on his boy. He dodged a bullet on pure dumb luck. I hate how much luck plays into this show.

It was fun seeing Sash bond with his “second mom,” Jane. Keep an eye on these two. Sash is fake and Jane holds grudges. Just sayin’.

First vote: Holly (Oh, Fabio. This shows how out of it he was the whole time.)

2. Fabio

3. Fabio

4. Ben

5. Benry

6. Benry

7. Benry


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These people are still around, in order of my preference after this episode:

Chase Rice, 24; NASCAR jackman/singer
Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, 30; luxury broker
Holly Hoffman, 44; swim coach
Jane Bright, 56; dog trainer
Judson “Fabio” Birza, 21; student/model/musician
Dan Lembo, 63; property management