He was just being nice! Besides, what's wrong with some casual bribery between non-friends?

The Sash mystery on “Survivor: Nicaragua” now appears to be solved, courtesy of an FU from missyae to CBS.


Check out this rant:

missyae: It’s really absurd to try and intimidate and sue a spoiler when you spoil most the crapfest yourself. If you had better editors you would have done a much better job this season with you even moving to a crappy Wednesday night. If you had balls you would show how Sash offers to pay Jane’s mortgage if she will vote for him and help him with the jury. But instead you won’t show it, you will sweep it under the rug. Why else did Jeff holler, “cut the cameras and get the producer in here NOW”  So you talk it over, resume filming and what happens???? Well the jury obviously believed Jane especially when Sash had already ‘brainwashed’ Kelly S into voting for him. Too bad once she got to Ponderosa, she woke up. Hi ADUMB! Hi MB!!! I know, I know, you are so pissed off at me, I get that. F U


Sash is laying the "second mom" thing on way too thick, but I want to see with my own eyes how the Jane/Sash bribe allegation plays out.

Tee hee! Yeah, that’s a nice early Christmas present for Survivor Spoiler Nation.

But so what? Sash has been making deals left and right. They are not allowed to split the money when they win, but that doesn’t mean he can’t go ahead and pay Jane’s mortgage anyway, just because she’s a sweet old lady (NOT) with no money. Didn’t Colby and Tina have a deal on “Survivor: Australia” where the winner would buy the other a motorcycle, or something?

Not that I trust Jane’s word over Sash’s. Jane seems like a paranoid exaggerator and I wouldn’t be surprised if a casual comment from Sash turned into something major at her hands. Not that I trust Sash either. He’s going too far with his “I’ll say anything to win” deal-making.

I think CBS will show this. They have to. They have shown worse, so unless something is being left out, they should air Jane’s supposed accusation and give Sash time to defend himself. This shouldn’t just be settled in whispers and off-hand comments.


*Update 1* Wondering why Jane voted for Sash as her last hurrah on “This is Going to Hurt,” even though she knew he was going to play an idol? Listen to her sharply edited tribal council words and Sash’s anger at Jane. This makes sense in light of the idea that Jane may have just told everyone her allegations about Sash and the mortgage. I wish they would’ve shown it.


*Update 2* Check out this portion of Gordon Holmes’ post-elimination interview with Jane:

Gordon: Why’d you vote for Sash even though you knew it was his last night to play his idol.
Because of an incident that happened that night prior to Tribal Council.
Gordon: What was that?
Jane: I can’t talk about it. But I was saying you guys are making a big mistake. I’m writing his name down even though I know he has an idol. Cause he is a big rattlesnake. And if y’all don’t know it, you know it now. I’m not wasting my vote on Holly.


*Update 3* I love this video, “The Jury Speaks: Jane,” which was shot before the final jury vote. Jane explains that Sash has no shot. It’s between Chase and Fabio, for her. She thinks Fabio is a boy not a man and she didn’t like how he never voiced his own opinions in the game. He rode Brenda’s, Sash’s and Dan’s coattails. She wanted to hear how Fabio would spend his money. I guess she didn’t like his answer ’cause Jane apparently voted for Chase. Chase did say he would give $100K to charity, so maybe that was the clincher.

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