By Gina Carbone

Who doesn’t love a good list? Or even a crappy list? For Survivor-philes, this is a good list. Fancast is doing something that probably should’ve been done before Season 21: creating a “Survivor Hall of Fame” where fans get to nominate five players for the Class of 2010.

As explained here: “Fifty percent of the vote will be based on the ballots of the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame Executive Voting Committee. This blue-ribbon panel will consist of ‘Survivor’ luminaries such as Host and Producer Jeff Probst, Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer, and Executive Producer David Burris, members of the ‘Survivor’ press corps, and XFINITY TV’s ‘Survivor’ Know-It-All Gordon Holmes. … The other fifty percent will come from fans like you. Simply enter your picks for the five best Survivors of all time into the comment section below to participate. Voting will end Friday, December 3, 2010 at 5 p.m. ET. Once all of the votes are counted, we’ll unveil a new member of the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame Class of 2010 each weekday in the week leading up to the ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ finale.”

You can add your list here in the comments. Currently there are 854 submissions with fans leaving some pretty good — and some pretty wacky — lists. Eliza Orlins has her list on there somewhere.

Just to show examples, here are the first five commenters’ choices:

1. Richard Hatch
2. Sandra Diaz-Twine
3. Parvati Shallow
4. Tom Westman
5. Both Robs (Cesternino and Marciano)

I like this!
Here are my five…
1. Sandra: Two time winner has to be in there
2. Rupert: Most popular player ever
3. Richard: First winner
4. Boston Rob: Awesome at challenges
5. Parvati: Won once, almost won once

1. Parvati
2. Rob M
3. Stephen
4. Cirie
5. Tyson

This is long overdue. Here’s my list:
1. Sandra Diaz-Twine
2. Tom Westman
3. Yul Kwon
4. Rob Mariano
5. Parvati Shallow

1. Sandra- 2 time winner
2. Parvati- Best female player/ athlete
3. Russell- Best Villan
4. Amanda- Best player that never won the title
5. Ruper- Most liked survivor



Since this is the very first class, and probably not the last, I’m picking honorary/legendary Survivors who will be at the top of any current lists. For example, if someone asked me to give a one paragraph summary of the series to a newbie, I’d include intel on these five people:

1. Richard Hatch — He’s the honorary #1, since he was the first winner and defined how future players viewed the game. “Survivor” didn’t have to be this cutthroat, but because of Tricky Dick’s Machiavellian (and naked) ways, the show is the way it is, 20 seasons later.

2. Sandra Diaz-Twine — Whether you like it or not, she’s won twice. Granted, on “Pearl Islands” she was really the only choice. Lill had already been voted out and that whole Outcasts twist was horseshite. She didn’t deserve to win “Heroes vs. Villains.” Parvati owned that season, but Sandra did win. The (bitter ass) jury knew she had won before and voted for her to be the first two-time winner. There’s no taking that away from her.

3. Parvati Shallow — In my eyes, the best “Survivor” player. Period. She won “Fans vs. Favorites” with her Black Widow alliance and should’ve won HvV. She’s right — even though everyone ignored it when she brought it up at final tribal — she had a target on her back from day one and no one could get rid of her. She was even given an idol by Russell Hantz, who had just mocked JT Thomas for giving Russell Hantz an idol. You don’t give the enemy an idol! But that’s just what Russell did. Parvati lost because HvV has the saddest, most bitter jury since … All-Stars. (There should be a penalty for bitter juries. If we can vote for the Player of the Season, we should be able to vote for the Worst Survivor Jury or some equivalent.) To be fair, Parv also lost in part because her flirtatious ways could be grating. She has that laugh. I love Parv, but even I hate her laugh.

4. Boston Rob — I’m boring myself by including Rob and Russell, but they are the Big Names at this point in the series. Boston Rob’s fingerprints are all over Survivor. That lying, backstabbing blindside against Lex? That’s a big, memorable Survivor move, and it prompted the win to go to his future wife, Amber. Rob is the original Russell. Back on All-Stars he didn’t play to win (i.e., he blew off the social game, except for his wife) and it showed. But on HvV he learned a new tactic; he was the ultimate benevolent leader. His tribe loved him, except for Russell, Parv and Parv’s BFF, Danielle. Russell was clearly jealous, but Eve Harrington sometimes gets the last word.

5. Russell Hantz — I thought Russell was evil right out of the gate. Go ahead and steal and burn supplies from camp. It’s stupid and counter-productive, but not evil. But pretending you are a Hurricane Katrina survivor, to garner a few moments of sympathy? That crosses the line. But Russell got us talking. Russell put “Survivor” back on a lot of people’s radars. He was the guy we loved to hate, and he controlled “Samoa.” He went on to be the bad cop to Parv’s good cop on HvV. He had an advantage in that no one had seen “Samoa” before HvV, but he still managed to completely take over. And fight with people. And lie. And have major ego explosions. He’s good TV and even though I don’t think a Season 22 “Redemption Island” with Rob vs. Russell is really necessary, I’m not surprised that “Survivor” wants to focus on its two marquee stars.



Richard, Sandra, Rob and Russell belong in the Hall of Fame, but there’s no freakin’ way I want them near my favorites list. This is purely … well, it’s like a social game list. These are people I like, but I also like to think if I were out there playing, I could put my personal preferences aside and judge people on their games. I can now accept that Russell deserved to win “Samoa,” even if I can’t stomach his grandstanding ways. Complaining about blindsides and backstabs on “Survivor” is like complaining that football is mean because people get pushed over — it’s called a tackle and it’s part of the game.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Here’s my list:

1. Ian Rosenberger —I am always going to be a little bit in love with Ian. He’s my sentimental favorite, the way “Dead Poets Society” is always going to be my favorite movie and “Northern Exposure” will always be my favorite TV show, even when I go years without seeing or even thinking about them. Removing them from the list would feel like a betrayal. Ian is just the kind of goofy dork I love, plus he dominated the challenges with Tom. If Tom hadn’t been there — and I know that’s a huge “if” since Tom Westman was the God of Palau — Ian would’ve won. But there could be only one alpha male and Katie (I can’t stand Katie!) abused her friendship privileges with Ian and led him to lose his shot at $100,000, if not a million bucks.

2. Stephenie LaGrossa — Yes, Palau was my favorite season. Stephenie is a huge inspiration to me because, before her, most of the women who stood out on “Survivor” stood out because their fake boobs popped out of their sunken ribcages. I have no problem with sexy women using their assets to get ahead on “Survivor.” The flirt game works. But it’s not something I can identify with. Stephenie is someone I not only relate to, she’s someone I look up to. I wanted her to win so badly. (Or Bobby Jon.) Her reputation suffered a bit in “Guatemala,” but good for her for playing a completely different game. It got her to the end, even if she didn’t win. She was injured on HvV, but when it came down to James vs. Stephenie I was on Team Stephenie. JT was not leading the team well in that challenge; they should’ve listened to Steph. She should’ve been their “one voice”!

3. Parvati Shallow — As much as I respect and admire Stephenie for being the anti-flirt, I still love the original flirt almost as much. Parvati just draws people in. She’s funny and smart and clever and she beats the boys at their own game. She’s a sly one, without confusing “Survivor” with brain surgery. It’s just a game, and Parv happens to be the best at it.

4. Jerri Manthey — I actually had Colby Donaldson here, then backspaced him for Jerri. I love me some Colby, but only for his looks. Especially after All-Stars and HvV. He’s a great guy, but he’s going downhill as a “Survivor.” The game has moved past him. Jerri, on the other hand, is hitting her stride. She did very well on HvV, despite being a little too wishy-washy toward the start of the game. She needs to find her confidence and run with it. I love her wit, her honesty and her showmance with Coach. She’s just watchable. I want to see her back on an island.

5. Lex van den Berghe — Lex ended up king of the bitter “All-Stars” jury after his dumbass move to trust Rob — and he’ll never be as sweet and lovable as “Africa” winner Ethan — but man is he hot. I usually like the goofy, nerdy ones like Ian, or Stephen Fishbach of “Tocantins,” but Lex is a serious badass. The tattoos. The attitude. Something about him. He could be a twat, but it’s fun to have a villain around sometimes. I would’ve loved to have seen him with Russell, Coach, Tyson and the other Villains from HvV. Can you imagine the ego overload? Missed opportunity.


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