I prefer it without sleeves.

I’ll give her credit.

“Project Runway” judge (and executive producer) Heidi Klum may not have been able to convince Nina Garcia and Michael “Slutty! Slutty!” Kors to pick Mondo Guerra as the winner of Season 8 over Gretchen Jones, but she is making good on her assertion that she would wear his polka dot finale dress. She just had it adjusted a bit.

Heidi wore Mondo’s dress to the “Black Swan” premiere in Hollywood. (Wonder what Heidi thought of the movie. I can’t wait to see it!) But she had the sleeves taken off and she restyled it to remove some of Mondo’s very Mondo embellishments.

I actually like this look better without sleeves, the hat, the shoes, the earrings and the other “stuff” that distract from what’s already a “wow” gown. Not that I was in love with the dress to begin with. This is not my favorite look in Mondo’s collection and his collection was not my favorite of the bunch. But my opinion is valued by the judges even less than Jessica Simpson’s, and Mondo’s work was strong and distinctive enough that I figured he was a lock to win anyway.

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