I'll be honest, the idea of him winning makes him more attractive. ... Here's Dan Lembo, Judson “Jud” Birza, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, Marty Piombo, Holly Hoffman, Ben “Benry” Henry, Brenda Lowe, Chase Rice, Alina Wilson, and Kelly Shinn, during "Survivor: Nicaragua" Episode 8.

Spoilers have changed my TV life. For example, after reading the spoilers about the final three and the probable winner I started watching “Survivor: Nicaragua” in a different light. I wish I had known, say, the fates of Colby and Tina back in the early weeks of “Australia.”

I just checked out the latest details from spoiler Missyae at Survivor Sucks. Basically we’ve been told that one Survivor (Jud “Fabio” Birza) goes on a streak of immunity wins and is cheered on from the jury, because the people still in the game want to get rid of him.

Here’s what else we’re told will happen from now (the merge) until Fabio’s win:

missyae wrote:

Henry20071304 wrote:

If Fabio really wins F6-F4’s IC, I think he deserves the million dollar. (a little bit like Brett) 

Missyae, I want to know whether Naonka quits during TC or at camp ?Some info says after the merge, Sash Chase Holly and Jane form a new alliance, is it true?
And last question, is there any other reasons that cause Alina’s boot besides the Evil 5 want her to go?

I told you they had a plan to get out Kellly B and Alina even if they had to endure a ‘swap’. The La Flor side with Sash stuck to the plan and got rid of Kelly B, it was nothing to do with how,they edited that episode. Ask yourself this question, why did we not see that Tribal Council’s voting on the Insider????????????????? Because it would have shot down the whole BS about was Marty leaving or not. He WAS NOT leaving that night, no way. So they merge, all hook back up and Naonka tellls them why they veered off from the plan and now back on plan, Alina goes. It is that simple. They have controlled this game the entire season with Sash and Brenda being the brains behind it. Next they go after Marty because its his turn and they promised Jane she would outlast Marty. Then Naonka wakes up to the fact Brenda is gonna win this game by taking her and Kelly S to the finals and she tells Chase and Sash so they take out Brenda at a TC where Probst basically just slams Brenda into submission. Only hours later they get Brenda and go back to TC and Nay and Kelly S both quit. So now you have Sash and Chase in an alliance with Holly and Jane who control the game. So who would be next after that? The strongest person right? After that we have the fire finally being put out by Jane and her bucket of water. Then we finally see the old man Dan leave at the hands of Sash. Takes us to the final four with Holly, Jud, Sash, and Chase. Jud wins immunity again and Sash and Chase DO play their idols and Holly leaves. The guys were well aware they would be the first final 3, there it is again a season of firsts, and they did it, final 3 all men. Final TC Fabio breaks down about growing up out there and talks very sincere about his mom who had just visited him on the family visits, and that my friends is season 21. The big emotional moment at the family visit comes between Dan and his son, Probst even starts crying. Why did I break my normal style of week to week, well keep watching and you will find out. Other people have details and will be posting them. Great cast, great people, great season, even if they did move the show to Church night after 20 successful seasons on Thursday night.


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