Getting a hug from Tim is better than winning "Project Runway" anyway.

In this 2:25 minute video of Tim Gunn speaking at a Kate Spade event in Pennsylvania, Father Tim makes it clear he was on Team Mondo, not Team Gretchen, when it comes to “Project Runway” Season 8.

In fact, Heidi Klum tried to tag him in for support during finale judging when it came down to Heidi vs. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. (“Nobody mentioned Jessica Simpson.” Ha!) Tim said he’s not a judge, but he went with Heidi and they made “quite a case for our candidate.”

Tim and Gretchen started the show as enemies, became allies and are now on opposite sides of the winner fence.

In his now defunct Facebook vlogs (although he says he’ll bring them back in some fashion next season), Tim has referred to the trio as “crack-smoking judges.” Tim heard that Heidi was upset about the comment. When they were done talking to Michael and Nina about Mondo, she asked “‘So can you remove my crack-smoker badge?” Tim said “Yes, because Nina and Michael are smoking enough for all of us.” Ha!

A woman at Tim’s local deli filed away Season 8 this way: “Mondo will do fabulously anyway; Gretchen needs the money.”

Tim never thought Gretchen Jones would win because the winner of the first challenge of the season never wins the show. It’s like the person who gets the first-impression rose on “The Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” never wins in the end. Except for this past season when Roberto Martinez broke the curse. So Gretchen broke the PR curse.

I know a lot of people are swearing off “Project Runway” for good, but I’m not. Here’s my take on it:  The only reason I even know the name Mondo Guerra is because of Project Runway. The only reason he will find success and “do fabulously” is because of Project Runway.

This underdog status is going to serve him very well. The show did its job, even if two of the judges dropped the ball in the end. Mondo doesn’t want to be saddled with the Marie Claire baggage anyway. He’s not ripe for packaging, he’s ripe for being plucked by some rich designer that loves him and can’t believe how stupid PR was for letting him go.

I, for one, look forward to “Project Runway” Season 9 so I can learn the names of a bunch of hot new designers, who will be helped by the show whether they win or not.

Watch Tim’s video here.

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