Really? What's he going to do with the money? Smoke it and surf it?

I’ve been looking for a definitive “Survivor: Nicaragua” boot list, with little success.

But someone created a YouTube video that could be accurate. Except for the fact that it’s already had to correct itself about a few mid-season boots. But the final three have been solid all season (although the order has changed!) and the winner is looking accurate from a couple of sources.

Survivor: Nicaragua Boot List?

1. Wendy
2. Shannon
3. Jimmy J.
4. Jimmy T.

Tribal swap

5. Tyrone
6. Yve
7. Kelly B.
8. Jill


At this point the video says Marty goes next but then corrects its order to this:

9. Alina
10. Marty
11. Brenda
12. NaOnka (Quits)
13. Kelly S. (Quits)
14. Benry
15. Jane
16. Dan
17. Holly

3rd place: Matt “Sash” Lenahan (the YouTube video originally had Chase here)
2nd place: Chase Rice
: Fabio! aka Jud Birza

Huh. If Fabio does win, it will probably be for not pissing people off, as opposed to actually making big “Survivor” moves … unless he’s the one who goes on a big immunity run and the jury keeps cheering him on. (Remember Brett on “Samoa”?) Is Chase punished for being a flip-flopper? Does Sash play the game too hard? Do we have a bitter jury (again)? Can’t wait to find out.

**Update** More details from Survivor Sucks: Season 21 breakdown from merge to Brenda backstab to quitters to family visits, final four and winner

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