Here's (G)retchen with her new #1 toadie, April.


There are only two episodes left before the “Project Runway” Season 8 finale. And the preview for next week makes it seem like Gretchen Jones is going to go from freaking out to walking out.

As the preview video teases, the tension is unbearable “and the dream means nothing if you crack in the end.”

We hear Gretchen’s voice with some kind of echo in the background: “I just want to leave.”

Then we see her on the runway, telling the judges “I’m just sick of the challenges.”

So is she going to pull a Maya Luz? What’s with the quitters? Or is this just a momentary lapse that they talk her out of?

Not that it matters too much in the long run. Mondo Guerra is going to win. I’m ready to make it one of my Things That Are Obvious.

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