Here's to you, Tim.

Tim Gunn is back and more lovable than ever.

Tim posted two new vlogs on his Facebook fan page. In the first 1 minute, 11 second vlog he acknowledges how his “Project Runway” Episode 8 vlog was taken down within 24 hours.

Tim: “The vlog hurt someone who is very important to me, and that was never my intention, and it was my decision to simply take it down.”

How has he been since? He’s been on the road, traveling like crazy, plugging his new book, etc. He hasn’t even been able to see the past couple of “Project Runway” episodes. So he just uses his time to play nice and support the show.

Tim: “There’s much more ahead this season and lots of twists and turns and drama. It wouldn’t be Project Runway without those particulars and I just want you to stick with us. It is a fantastic season.”

After that, Tim posted another vlog. This one is 2 minutes, 11 seconds and it’s serious. In keeping with the new “It Gets Better” PSA to combat gay suicides, he offers his own message for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.

Tim: “As a 17-year-old youth who was in quite a bit of despair, I attempted to kill myself and I’m very happy today that that attempt was unsuccessful. But at the time it’s all that I could contemplate. I thought ‘I need to end things right now.’ And I have to tell you, when I woke up the next morning after taking more than 100 pills, I was in a whole other level of despair. I thought ‘I shouldn’t be here. This isn’t what was meant to be.’ I frankly just wanted to start life all over again. There are people who can help you. You cannot do this alone. That’s another very profound message that I want to give to all of you. It really requires a collaboration between you and the people who love you, the people you can depend upon, no matter who they are as mentors. In my case it took a very serious intervention to help me. And it was the result of the botched suicide attempt, to be blunt.”

He advocates for The Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for GLBTQ youth.; 866-4-U-TREVOR.

Tim: “I understand the desperation, I understand the despair and I understand how isolated you can feel. You have a lot of — I get very emotional — people really care about you and I’m included in that group. So reach out, get help, you are not alone. It will get better, I promise.”

Listen to Father Tim!

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