Look at Ernest Borgnine! He's having a blast.

I never got that bottle of sparkling apple juice. Did you get it?

Between “Breaking Bad” and “Saturday Night Live,” I do believe I’ve seen more of Bryan Cranston in his tighty whities than I’ve ever seen him fully clothed. No complaints.

There are so many ways to promote a movie nowadays.

Not too many complaints about his “Saturday Night Live” episode either. It was OK. Not great. Average. No real belly laughs.

He was great, though. Calm, cool, confident. Sometimes new hosts can make me nervous, but he was perfectly at ease. Freakin’ rock star. I shouldn’t be surprised. He elevated the weak writing for most of the sketches. A good actor can do that.

I’m always happy when “What Up With That” plays, but especially when ultra-earnest Morgan Freeman and happy-go-lucky Ernest Borgnine show up to plug their upcoming movie “Red” and Lindsey Buckingham gets blown off again. (Bill Hader, never change.) Not to mention Jason Sudeikis dancing in his red tracksuit, which is always the best part of the sketch.

Seriously, though, Ernest Borgnine is 93 and he’s having a much better Saturday night than the rest of us. More power to him.

The cold open wasn’t too bad this week, either. Andy Samberg needs to keep up his Rahm Emanuel impressions, even if Rahm is out of the White House. And do we really need Fred Armisen to keep doing Obama? Any way around that?

Kanye didn't sound too good last time he was on SNL so this is a definite improvement.

The new blood had more to do this week. Last week they were sort of given cameos while the old guard took over.

This week new girl Vanessa Bayer got her own breathless TV host gig, very early on in the show. I have a feeling we’re going to see that character again, so I’d better learn her name at some point. (That was her Miley Cyrus? Way to go me for missing that.)

Vanessa also popped up a few other times; looks like she is the one the SNL brass has the most faith in, at this point.

Kristen Wiig did her not-so-sexy Shanna again. Her extended burp was a bit much but it went on so long it became slightly funny.

Musical guest Kanye West paid homage to his own “Power” video by somehow turning the set stark white and surrounding himself with goddess ballet dancer models. Considering the song is just rapping and not singing, he sounded great. (No one ever sounds good when they have to really sing live on SNL.) I’m not sure the audience knew how to react, though.

I didn’t know how to react to “Runaway.” He spent a good chunk of the song standing by some kind of keyboard. And then there’s the Auto-Tune. I did love Kanye’s red outfit, though. But it’ll never be as cool as Sudeikis’s red tracksuit.

Seth Meyers sat alone at the Weekend Update desk this week. He should rotate new people as guest anchors. Or just have the host sit with him.

Can't get enough.

Instead, Bobby Moynihan stopped by as shady Anthony, who always has slightly off behind-the-scenes tips on current events. Andy Samberg — who got  a lot of action this week — also showed up as Cathy. Tiny hearts! Tiny hearts! I don’t know why I love his Cathy so much, but since the comic strip is ending we’re saying goodbye to her too. Will Andy have anything else to do on the show, besides the SNL Digital Shorts? Sweat drops!

And can I make one more pitch for Fred Armisen’s Nicholas Fehn? He’s my favorite Update guest.

I wish the “Kid Smartz” game show sketch had been a little better. It had plenty of potential, with Bryan Cranston’s slimy, smoochy ’70s game show host kissing all the kids  (Vanessa Bayer, Abby Elliott and especially Andy Samberg) except Kenan Thompson — in pigails! But it ended up a bit flat.

I didn't get it. The sparkling apple juice, I mean. I got the skit. As much as anyone could get it, anyway..

I do love seeing Bryan sing and perform. He was Vanessa/Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, in her celebrity interview sketch (I think that was new guy Paul Brittain as Johnny Depp), danced in “What Up With That?” and later in the show he and Fred Armisen sang to an audience of no one as the Bjelland brothers in Minneapolis.

“I sent a bottle of sparkling apple juice to your house? Did you get it?”

That’s their one song. They sing the line over and over until it gets funny. Hey, there’s a whole brand of humor based on repetition. It works if it works. I think it worked this time. Probably my favorite sketch of the night.

The final live sketch was about a tough Green Beret (played by Bryan) trying to teach his son, Henry (Nasim Pedrad, one of the new kids last season) how to be tough. It was a disappointing final sketch. This is the time of night to experiment with bizarre, cool stuff for the late, late crowd — not just a father punching out his kid.

At least Kenan Thompson — who seemed to be absent last week — got the last word, a pre-taped ad for i-sleepPRO. Again, it was OK but not memorable.

It didn’t leave the show on a strong note. It left me feeling the episode was average overall, with high marks for Bryan Cranston.

When you have a host this game to go all the way, and this comfortable doing it, give him the A-game material. This felt like the B roll. (Do NOT do that to Jane Lynch next week!)

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