This "Bachelorette" blind vice sounds like it has to refer to either Chris Lambton, Kirk DeWindt or Ty Brown. Right?

LOVE this!

I go to Crazy Days and Nights every week for the “Four for Friday” blind vices. (I also go to Ted Casablanca’s Awful Truth for his Friday blind vices.)

I forgot to visit Crazy Days yesterday, but I just checked it out and — what are the odds? — there’s a vice about Ali Fedotowsky’s season of “The Bachelorette.”


Check it out:

“This recent Bachelorette reject was a popular fan favorite this past season. Popular enough, in fact, that he was on the short list to be the next Bachelor. Unfortunately, however, the guy screwed himself badly by hooking up with a big-mouthed rookie publicist who had delusions of importance. Said publicist had dreams of molding her client into the next Jake Pavelka, but then made the mistake of trashing a major gossip tabloid with A-list name recognition. As a direct result, the celeb rag declared war on the poor guy. Unfortunately, the ensuing bad blood proved to be far more of a headache than ABC decided the guy was worth. The result? Brad Womack.”


Hmm… You always have to take these things with a grain of salt, but Crazy Days is a pretty legit site, so I’m intrigued.

The way I see it, the short list of fan favorites from “The Bachelorette” Season 6 can be boiled down to:

1. Chris Lambton

2. Ty Brown

3. Kirk DeWindt

4. Craig Robinson

That’s about all I can think of.

This sounds like it could be Chris Lambton. Chris told Star that he didn’t want to be “The Bachelor” but Chris Harrison’s wording has made it seem like ABC and the producers eventually decided they didn’t want him.

It sounded like spin to me, but here’s how Chris H. put it to Ryan Seacrest, “We got to this season and realized, you know, Chris Lambton, last year’s second place guy, just wasn’t right to be The Bachelor…”

And here’s Chris H. to TV Guide, “Ali’s season ended phenomenally with Chris L. as the No. 2 guy and our immediate thought was obviously Chris L.’s the guy. The more he kept thinking about it and we kept thinking about it, he realized he wasn’t going to be right for it. A great guy, which Chris L. is, doesn’t necessarily make a great bachelor. I think he realized it, we realized it we and ultimately decided to go our separate ways.”

Or it could be Ty Brown, since Ty is the one who really parlayed his “Bachelorette” time into an entertainment career. He’s all about his music now, ala Wes Hayden.

Or could it be Kirk? Kirk got the pre-Bachelor treatment on “The Men Tell All” and it looked like he was being prepped to be The Guy, then he hooked up with Jessie Sulidis and disappeared.

But Chris L. is the only one a tabloid seems to have declared “war” on, claiming he is living it up as a single guy. Although I suppose you could consider jumping on Kirk + Jessie to be going after Kirk, making it seem like he’s not single enough to be “The Bachelor.” All talk of him as the next Bachelor disappeared after the two of them dated, however briefly. Jessie did “Bachelor Pad” and Kirk just … went away.

Anyway, Reality Steve now says Chris Lambton is hooking up with Peyton Wright. Not sure if that’s to be believed or not, but there it is.

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