NaOnka must be hoping CBS likes her drama enough to invite her back for an all-stars season, since it's unlikely she will get her P.E. job back after this. What school would want her as a role model for kids?

NaOnka: “Screw your leg. Keep it away from the fire.”

At least she’s good for funny quotes. It’d be fun to have an all-stars season with NaOnka Mixon taking on Russell Hantz. Battle of the camera confessionals!

Anyway, CBS released details on what will happen next week (Wednesday, Oct. 6)  on “Survivor: Nicaragua” Episode 4: “Pulling the Trigger”:

“One castaway works hard to prove his worth and take control of his tribe, but his efforts rub some tribemates the wrong way. The hunt for the hidden immunity idol widens the rift between two castaways at the La Flor camp, triggering a venomous fight. Meanwhile, a valuable secret is revealed that solidifies a powerful alliance.”

Watch the preview video here.

I’m going to have to go with Team Kelly B. on this Kelly vs. NaOnka battle.

Hurricane NaOnka is making it hard for anyone to like her. Except maybe Brenda and Sash. Why not keep her around when no one would ever vote to give her a million bucks in the end?

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