Will April win the next challenge? Will Michael C. be sent home? Will Tim Gunn ever post another vlog?


[To be said in best Tim Gunn/Snagglepuss voice]: Heavens to Murgatroyd!

I know “The Bachelor” is off season, but did Lifetime hire the same producers to cut the Episode 10 trailer? It screams “manipulation.”

You can watch the preview here, but this is a semi-transcript:

Voice-over: “Heart-wrenching confessions break the runway!”
Mondo: “This has been so hard to keep a secret.”
V-o: “Scandals destroy the workroom!”
Tim: “There was an accusation about cheating.”
V-o: “It all leads to the most controversial season finale ever!”
Michael Kors: “I’m gonna fight for this.”
Heidi Klum: “It’s wrong what he did.”
V-o: “And the one moment you’ll never stop talking about!”

Chances are we’ll stop talking about it eventually, but how juicy! Sounds like the most dramatic rose ceremony evah!

Blogging Project Runway already has polls up, speculating who will be accused of cheating and who will be the accuser. As you can imagine, many people suspect Michael Costello of being accused and Gretchen Jones as the accuser.

I think there has to be something to Mondo’s “secret.” Is he the accuser? Is he being accused? I saw another promo that showed April Johnston saying she doesn’t know the story behind Mondo’s print. (This Thursday they are bringing back the pattern challenge from last season.) Is he just sharing an emotional story that has nothing to do with the cheating allegation?

Long story short, I don’t know a dang thing. Although for whatever reason people think April will win this Thursday’s Episode 10, “There’s a Pattern Here,” and Michael C. will be sent home.

How dare the producers deny me more Seth Aaron time?! I miss my S-A!

By the way, sharp eyes at BPR spotted a photo in the Episode 9 gallery showing my boy Seth Aaron Henderson, winner of Season 7, and what could be Season 6 winner Irina Shabayeva. You can also see Ivy Higa in the photo. So is that something they left out from last week, or something we’ll see in a different version this Thursday?

On a somewhat related note, the previews seemed to show designers getting emotional at the “special guests” which usually means family members. So is this pattern challenge going to also include family time?

(*Update* Here’s an extended preview of Episode 10)

Anyway, The Goddess Nina Garcia graced the world with a couple of recent interviews, alluding to the upcoming drama. (Which won’t all be this week, since this Thursday’s ep does not include the finale.)

To Zap2it she says, “It gets really good. It’s very soon. It’s just a very emotional moment in the show, and it’s the first time that something like this has happened. It’s a very powerful and a very admirable moment.”

Then it can’t just be a cheating allegation followed by research and absolution. Remember on Season 3 when Laura Bennett accused eventual winner Jeffrey Sebelia of cheating? They looked into it and said he hadn’t cheated.

So this must be something new. Maybe someone admits to cheating and is given a second chance? Maybe someone quits the show because they accused someone falsely? Maybe the cheating allegation and the emotional moment are two different things?

Nina also gave a really long, cool interview with good deets to Celebrity Baby Scoop. On the drama coming “very soon” she says, “It’s just a very emotional moment in the show and it’s the first time that something like this has happened. It’s a very powerful and a very admirable moment. So, you’ve just go to watch.”

So she’s sticking to the script on this.

By the way, Nina thinks the winner of Season 8 could have the same career stamina of Season 4 winner Christian Siriano. To me, this goes with the spoilers that the winner could be Mondo. Because Heidi adores Mondo the way she adored Christian.


Here’s a portion of the Celebrity Baby Scoop interview where Nina talks about that:

Christian Siriano has found such mainstream success, post Runway. Do you see any up and coming contestants who have the same ability to achieve that success?

NG: “It’s a tough business to make it in. It takes a long time. I don’t think people realize how long for a normal desire that’s not in a celebrity that’s on a television show. It’s taken Marc Jacobs 20 years. It takes a long time.

But, what Christian has that has helped him tremendously is he’s got the tenacity, the personality, the creativity, and the age where he is prime to really work very hard and go for it. You need a lot of components to make it and some designers take longer than others. It’s a tough business. It’s just not instant fame like other fields. Fashion is a little longer. But, yes, Christian has a lot of elements that have made him very successful.”

Have you seen anyone else who you think who has ‘it’?

NG: “Well, you have to wait until this season’s over, but I do think the winner of this season could very well have the same kind of stamina that Christian has.”


By the way, Tim Gunn still hasn’t posted an Episode 9 vlog and the reposted Episode 8 video seems to have disappeared again. I worry that he’s given up on us.

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