Behold, the world's worst photo of Brad on "Dancing with the Stars."

I’ll tell you now what. Now we e-stalk his season.

Hey, he asked for it. Brad Womack wanted another shot at this silliness, so head over to Fans of Reality TV’s Bachelor forums where the FORT “sleuthing” has already begun.

In case the first one wasn't bad enough. I wish I had a shot of Jonathan Novack, but I was so thrown off to even see him there. I bet a lot of people would prefer The Weatherman as The Bachelor, but I am NOT one of them.

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By the way, I loved the Jonathan “Weatherman” Novack fake out. I almost bought it for a minute, panicking a little when I saw him sitting next to Chris Harrison in the “Dancing with the Stars” audience.

Can you imagine? There goes the hot tub. And the kissing. But there’d be plenty of tears … from him.