Mondo is a kaleidoscope of oversharing cuteness.

Things likely to reappear in Mondo Guerra’s autobiography:

I'm just not drinking the Mondo Kool-Aid. Having said that, I do like the back a lot more than the front.

1. Mondo likes to walk around his apartment in his underwear.
2. Mondo has never made more than $12,000.
3. Mondo left Colorado with $14.
4. Mondo now has $20,014 after winning the “Race to the Finish” challenge on “Project Runway” Season 8, Episode 9.
5. This is going to come in handy since Mondo really needed some drinking money.

I half agree with the judges this week.

I did love Mondo’s ready-to-wear look. I liked most of the ready-to-wear looks this week, but I’ve accepted that if I ever met Nina Garcia she would squint under her note card about my taste level.

The back of Mondo’s high fashion dress looked, as Michael Kors put it, like a Kentucky Derby horse ribbon exploded. Oh, and he said the gown was too short and Nina said the fabric looked inexpensive.

Apparently those are all fantastic things that scream “winner” because he won. Again. Two in a row.

Heidi Klum adores Mondo. He is her new Christian Siriano and I think there is nothing that will stop her from making him the Season 8 winner.

By the way, Andy South —who had a major comeback, go Andy! — said he considers Mondo, Gretchen Jones and April Johnston to be his closest competition. And — spoiler alert — that list just happens to match Tbone of Blogging Project Runway’s final 4 prediction after seeing the final collections in person on Sept. 9.

Ivy tries color for once and it bites her in her arse. Won't miss her!


Over to Ivy Higa for a minute. She’s gone!

Back to the good designs.

I actually liked Gretchen’s looks this week. They don’t look great in the photo I have here, but watching them on the runway — I kind of thought she might win. But there’s no stopping Mondo. Mondo not only gets $20,000 from L’Oreal Paris, his high fashion look will appear in a L’Oreal advertorial.

(I had to Google “advertorial”: An advertorial is an advertisement designed to simulate editorial content, while at the same time offering valid information to your prospective clients.)

Annnddyyyyy! Why doesn't Heidi appreciate Andy? She's Team Mondo.

In a shameless bit of overwhelming L’Oreal self-promotion, each designer had to pick one of the Studio Secrets eyeshadow finishes as inspiration:

Mondo: Bright
Christopher: Crystal
April: Matte
Michael: Metallic
Ivy: Bright
Valerie: Crystal
Andy: Metallic
Gretchen: Velvet

Gretchen insisted that velvet was a serious risk. Michael Costello said velvet is a boring fabric and Gretchen designs boring clothes, so it’s a perfect fit.

And so Gretchen vs. Michael C. resumed anew.

They both went for the same kind of “Bordeaux” color, which apparently Gretchen already patented.

Gretchen: “Those are my colors and he’s using them as well.”

Gretchen and her monster attitude created some decent looks this week. They don't look too great here — I think Gretchen's stuff only looks good when the model is moving and the garments flow — but I did like them when I saw them on TV. Sorry. I don't want to like anything she does, but fair is fair.

Gretchen isn’t threatened, but she’s insulted that maybe “some boundaries were crossed.”
Gretchen: “Somehow I’ve created a monster.” (It’s in the mirror.)
Gretchen: “Michael C. replicates. I don’t see a point of view in his work. I see other people’s point of view.”

She thought his long high fashion gown’s train was “trouble, trouble, trouble.” Shocker: Michael Costello didn’t like what Gretchen was doing either.

On the other end of the spectrum, Valerie Mayen started the episode defending Ivy, saying she is a good person and her best friend in the house.

This was followed by Ivy saying Valerie complains too much and it’s very wearing because they all have problems.


Valerie had a major emotional breakdown and when she was spared instead of Ivy, she was shocked. Valerie needs to pull it together RIGHT NOW and give us back the girl who was at the top of my favorite designers list after the first week.


After two days, $300 for a high fashion look and $100 for a ready-to-wear look, and one look at a cute dog named Swatch at Mood, the designers produced decent work:

I like Michael C.'s cocktail dress. Rich of Heidi, of all people, to say you have to pick legs or boobs since she loves to accent both in her own wardrobe.

Gretchen high fashion: Kind of 1920s flapper meets hippie.
Gretchen ready to wear: I like this. Gretchen holla-ed at her own piece, though. That’s odd.
Judges: Higher scores. Michael Kors thought the high fashion dress was very wearable. Heidi Klum wanted the back to be the front. Guest judge Naeem Khan wanted more emphasis on the front, because that’s the part people notice at the table when at a dinner party (or something). MK didn’t like her hair. Nina Garcia said the makeup was perfect.
Mondo high fashion: Very Mondo. Love the hair piece.
Mondo ready to wear: LOVE this. This is more my style.
Judges: Higher scores. Heidi loved the hat. Naeem liked the hair and stripes and he loved the cocktail dress. Michael Kors said the gown is too short. Nina said the fabric choice looks inexpensive. MK thinks the back of the high fashion dress looks dreamy. “I think it looks a little like a Kentucky Derby horse ribbon exploded.” Heidi adores him.

Andy high fashion: I love it! Go Andy! He is the only one who did separates and he went for it. Love his model, too. Strong black armor.

Valerie needs her fairy godmother to stage a style intervention.

Andy ready to wear: Simple and black with sleeves. Streamlined. Nice.
Judges: Higher scores. Naeem liked that he kept to his vision. He loved the cocktail dress. Michael Kors liked that it’s not so obviously metallic. MK loved the boot pants and how they could translate into something wearable. Nina liked the blend of metallics and that he went for fantasy makeup. Heidi said in terms of craftsmanship he did a great job. She didn’t like the high fashion look, though.

Christopher high fashion: Bjork’s swan is back!
Christopher ready to wear: Casual and nice. Kind of dull, but fine.
Judges: Safe

April high fashion: Black witch costume.
April ready to wear: I think I like that more.
Judges: Safe

Here are the bottom three. As Nina dubbed them, "My Fair Lady, Gone with the Wind and Little Mermaid."

Ivy high fashion: Nah. This doesn’t look high fashion. It’s more ready to wear.
Ivy ready to wear: I like this. This color is great and this strapless cocktail is cute enough, from afar.
Judges: Lower scores. Michael Kors: “I think they look like bridesmaids under the sea.” MK said the colors could’ve been gorgeous but they needed to be alleviated by lightness. Nina said both dresses have fit problems. She aged her models. Heidi liked the back of the high fashion dress better than the front.

Valerie high fashion: She calls it Rainbow Brite on crack? I kind of like it.
Valerie read to wear: Black and boring. Very dull.
Judges: Lower scores. Naeem says the #1 thing to learn in fashion is to listen to the fabric. She didn’t listen to the fabric. She tried to do structured dress out of soft fabric. Nina said it looked like a beauty pageant dress. She looked like Miss Guatemala. Nina questions her taste level. Uh oh. Michael Kors said she needs a magic wand. Valerie agrees with their points.

Michael C. high fashion: It seems hard for the model to walk, but I like it.
Michael C. ready to wear: Sexy as hell. Like it.
Judges: Lower scores. Naeem said the proportions in the high fashion dress need a lot of work, but he liked the cocktail dress. Heidi said he needed to choose between boobs or legs on the cocktail dress. MK said he’s the only one who had clothes that were constructed, sewn and tailored well. He called the high fashion dress train “ridiculous” and she was styled like Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind.” “Hello! I mean, she’s got all the curtains from Tara ripped off the walls and put into the one dress.”


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